DHC UK Website Launched!

by PJ on Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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(image from www.dhcuk.co.uk)

One of my readers, Humming, left a comment on my blog a couple of days ago and told me that the DHC UK website had been launched. (Thank you, Humming!)

DHC now joins RMK, Paul & Joe, SUQQU, Shiseido International, and Kanebo International as Japanese brands available in the UK.

DHC is a major cosmetics brand in Japan, where, as far as I understand, still only runs mail/phone/on-line ordering and does not have a physical shop.

But, as we all know, word of mouth has its place in retailing, and when people say something is good, it gets our attention.

(Updated in July 2011: DHC has physical shops throughout Japan.)

DHC’s cult product is Deep Cleansing Oil. Not only is it DHC’s cult product, it is one of the cult skincare products in Japan. It would be slightly bizarre not to see it on a readers’ favorite skincare product list in any Japanese cosmetics magazine. (In the readers’ poll results in Biteki‘s February 2007 issue, it was placed second in the favorite makeup cleanser category, one place above Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil.)

It works just like Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil and removes all makeup, including waterproof makeup, in one go. (There is a good review of it on Beauty Anonymous if you are interested!)

I tried the Deep Cleansing Oil many years ago, but I personally didn’t like it. It did cleanse very effectively, but I was fairly certain that it gave me breakouts. (I have also tried Shu Uemura’s various cleaning oil formulas, but I usually find that they don’t emulsify well enough. For years, I have remained loyal to RMK’s Cleansing Oil and Boots Botanics Cleansing Oil.)

But, since that was many years ago and I live in a different climate now, I might consider giving it another go. Also, many DHC toners are alcohol-free and have simple formulations that have the potential to suit my sensitive skin. They will be the products I will pay more attention to.

So far, only the basic skincare items are sold on the DHC UK site. I hope the stock will be expanded later on. In the meantime, if you would like to see the vast array of DHC skincare and makeup products, do head over to the DHC US website. (But…do ignore the fact that the prices are, yet again, lower in the US…)

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