Holiday 2007: A Touch of Blusher’s Seasonal Top 10 (Part 2)

by PJ on Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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My Holiday 2007 Top 10 List continues from Part 1!

6. Magie Deco

(image from

Kose’s Magie Deco was launched in Japan in fall this year, and this is its debut holiday collection. I like the fact that the packaging is a variation of the usual Magie Deco look. It is different but instantly recognizable. I also like the rich red color scheme.

The two items are sold as a set, and both of them look so glamorous and beautiful, with an appropriate festive vibe.

If you like the look of this collection, you may want to check out Magie Deco’s spring 2008 collection.

5. MAC

(image from

MAC’s holiday 2007 collections (including Royal Assets, Antiquitease, and others) are some of my favorite MAC collections for 2007. The packaging looks good, and there are a very wide selection of items.

But when I saw the items in person for the first time, I was slightly underwhelmed by the details of the packaging. I think they looked just a little bit rough around the edges and they could have been slightly more refined.

Nonetheless, these collections present a pleasant departure from MAC’s usual dark and minimal look and I am sure many MAC fans have been enjoying collecting some of the goodies.

4. Ayura

(image from

I haven’t really talked about this adorable holiday set from my personal favorite brand, which I am doing in this post.

Ayura’s holiday sets usually include best-selling items in limited-edition travel sizes as well as some one-off creations. The set for holiday 2007 includes:

-Spirit of Ayura Aroma Bath Powder (X2, limited edition)
-Spirit of Ayura Aroma Treatment Oil (for hair and body, limited edition)
-Spirit of Ayura Aroma Body Powder (limited edition)
-Spirit of Ayura Aroma Hands (30g, limited-edition size)
-Shiny Face (face highlighter, limited-edition, choice of blue and pink)
-Nail Color (choice of 23 shades, including limited-edition pink and violet shades)
-Cosmetics Box

Spirit of Ayura is Ayura’s one and only fragrance, and, apart from the hand cream, the three Spirit of Ayura items in the set are one-off creations based on this wonderful scent.

I really love the look of this collection (and I like the combination of all the fresh colors), not to mention that Spirit of Ayura is one of my favorite fragrances, But I already have quite a few somewhat similar limited-edition items based on this fragrance and this is the only reason why I didn’t consider getting this set.

The final part of my Holiday 2007 Top Ten List will be coming soon!

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Gloria Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I bought MAC’s Royal Assets Eyeshadow Pallet in Cool.. it is VERY VERY VERY bold and pretty.

The feel is more vintage-y than princess-y, so perhaps that’s why it looks a bit rough?

Off topic – I’m watching another new reality show on TV called Clash of the Choirs (no more TV shows aside from reality TV since all the writers are on strike), and the girls look awful. Famous singers like Michael Boltan and Patti LaBelle are suppose to coach choirs and compete against each other on national TV. This one choir is dressed in the most hideous skin-tight blue shiny spandex with stripes. Think bad 80s fashion. YUCK!



Grayburn Wednesday, December 19, 2007

These are making me drool! Thank you A Touch of Blusher!


PJ Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hello Gloria,

I think the Royal Assets eyeshadow palette in Cool is the prettiest one out of the four palettes. The colors do look very appealing.

Yes, the packaging is supposed to be vintage-y and that is why I was expecting some textured and brushed-off metal finish. But, to me personally, the lids look and feel quite plastic-y. I have to say when I saw the palettes in person, I quickly decided to save my money for other things…:(

Thank you very much for leaving your comment again! :)

(By the way, I hope the writers come back to work soon…)


PJ Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hello Grayburn,

You are very welcome!

I admit that I am quite a visual person when it comes to makeup. Things have to have nice colors in them and they have to be nicely packaged…(But of course it is all subjective…)

Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog again! :)


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