A Touch of Boots No. 7 Blusher

by PJ on Thursday, January 24, 2008

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(My two Boots No. 7 Cheek Colour:
Soft Damson (left) and Petal (right))

Apart from my lovely Boots points, another thing I love about Boots is that they regularly give out £5 vouchers to be used on a variety of brands (with a transaction over 10 pounds), which usually include No. 7. So, I often use my vouchers to stock up my No. 7 favorites and to try new items at relatively small prices.

I got both of these blushers with my vouchers. The retail price is 7.5 pounds so I only paid 2.5 pounds for each of them.

I like the blushers from Boots No. 7 mainly because they are matte and because they are medium-pigmented. The two I have got, Soft Damson and Petal, are both very wearable colors.

(Left: Soft Damson; right: Petal)

I got Soft Damson first. It is a dusty pink that shows very well on my cheeks. It is a very nice shade with a sophisticated edge. But after I used it for a couple of times, I was thinking about getting a slightly lighter shade. So I got Petal, which is indeed like the shade of petals of a pink rose. This is a really flattering shade for me and I think I slightly prefer this to Soft Damson.

Another thing I like about No. 7 blushers is that the powder is nicely pressed. It is not pressed so hard that it is difficult to pick up the powder with a brush, and it is not too softly pressed that the brush can pick up too much powder and that the powder flies around. Also, the shape of the compact makes it very easy for the blusher to rest in the palm while I concentrate on using my brush and applying the color.

Overall, I like these two blushers and these are two more reasons why No. 7 is a wonderfully affordable and dependable line from the trusted Boots.

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