Can’t Live Without: RMK Cleansing Oil N

by PJ on Sunday, January 20, 2008

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(RMK Cleansing Oil N)
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RMK Cleansing Oil N is the cleansing oil of my choice before and after I was using the cheaper Boots Botanics Essential Oil Wash Off Cleanser, and this is one of my favorite makeup removing products.

To be specific, Cleansing Oil N, out a couple of years ago, is the new version of Cleansing Oil. But I don’t feel that there is any substantial difference between the two versions. Both are equally great.

Like most other cleansing oils, this one cleanses very effectively and melts all water-proof makeup. But three aspects of this cleansing oil stands out for me:

1. It emulsifies very well upon rinsing. There are several cleansing oils I have tried that don’t emulsify very well and leave a greasy film. Even after using a face wash, sometimes my face still feels somewhat greasy. This one leaves the skin very cleansed and fresh. Very occasionally I even forget to wash my face with a face wash immediately afterwards.

2. It is very gentle for my eyes. A couple of cleansing oils that I actually really like can leave my eyes dry if they get into the eyes while dissolving eye makeup. This one is very gentle for the eye area and never feels irritating.

3. With mainly olive, avocado, and grape seed oil, the texture is very light and it spreads wonderfully easily. I find that I don’t need as much per appplication, compared with other cleansing oils.

I am very glad that RMK became available in the UK several years ago, so there was no doubt which cleansing oil I was going to switch (back) to after the Boots Bonatics Oil Cleanser was discontinued.

(Note: Currently, UK is the only place outside Asia where RMK products are available.)

Updated on January 27, 2008:

In the comment section, Jami from Bionic Beauty asked about the ingredient list of this cleansing oil. So here is the full ingredient list of RMK’s Cleansing Oil N that I happen to have saved for future reference. (Please click on the photo for a much larger version.)

(the full ingredient list of RMK Cleansing Oil N,
on the back of the outer packaging)

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