Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss in Bright Pink

by PJ on Thursday, January 3, 2008

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(Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss in 04 Bright Pink)

While Chanel’s IrrĂ©elle Blush in Tea Rose is one of my favorite blushers, Lunasol’s Full Glamour Gloss in Bright Pink is one of my favorite lip glosses.

First of all, even though the shade is named Bright Pink, it is not a bright neon pink that is hard to pull off. It is actually a very pretty and elegant medium-to-sheer pink which is very wearable. It should suit most skin-tones.

Apart from that, there are two things that I particularly like about this lip gloss. First, it has very beautiful and delicate multi-color shimmer that adds subtle dimension and fullness to the lips and makes lip lines appear less obvious.

Also, the slanted applicator (seen below) is well designed. It glides and spreads the gloss on very evenly. Two swipes, back and forth, on each lip, and it’s done. Sensually glossy, with rippling shimmer.

(Lunasol Full Glamor Gloss)
(image from

I also like the packaging. Very simple and sophisticated, which is generally the case with all Lunasol’s minimal and low-key packaging. But it still oozes glamor.

With a stunning spring 2008 collection, Lunasol continues to be a brand that I will pay a lot of attention to in 2008.

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