(Coffret D’Or Beauty Lasting Pack UV
& Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation)

After my first “foundation face-off” post (SUQQU vs. Chanel), some readers were wondering if I would do more. So here is another one, focusing on Lunasol’s current powder foundation, Skin Fusing Powder Foundation (referred to as “Lunasol” below), and Coffret D’Or’s debut powder foundation, Beauty Lasting Pack UV (referred to as “Coffret D’Or” below).

I have also tried the matching primers. I will review how the primers work with the foundations later on. The following comparison is based on the foundations worn without the primers (and right after my Olay daytime moisturizer/sunscreen).


– Lunasol: SPF 20 PA ++, 6 shades, released in spring 2007
– Coffret D’Or: SPF 24 PA ++, 7 shades, released in spring 2008 (March 1st)


Lunasol gives a luminous and almost glowy finish, while Coffret D’Or has a predominantly matte finish with subtle luminosity. Neither has visible shimmer.


Lunasol feels very pleasingly soft and velvety, while Coffret D’Or is slightly drier (but not chalky).


Lunasol gives a very good above-medium coverage and successfully covers minor imperfections and redness. Coffret D’Or has a slightly below-medium coverage. In terms of how the coverage maintains throughout the day, both have a good staying power.

Pore Coverage

Lunasol has a relatively good pore-diffusing ability mainly due to the exceptionally velvety texture that adheres to the skin very well. Coffret D’Or’s pore-concealing ability is satisfactory but not outstanding.

Shine Control

All along, it seems Lunasol is winning. However, Coffret D’Or’s sebum-controlling ability is so impressive that I prefer it to Lunasol overall.

First of all, with Coffret D’Or on, it takes noticeably longer for my oily skin to appear visibly shiny than it does with some of my favorite foundations, like Sofina Raycious (earlier versions) and Shiseido ZA. Also, after gentling matting out the shine, the face looks nearly as matte as when foundation is first applied, which is not always the case with most foundations I’ve tried.

As for Lunasol, the soft powder (which has an almost-moist feel) does not seem to absorb sebum very well. The luminous and glowy finish makes the shine look more pronounced as the day goes on. Also, the face still looks somewhat shiny after I matte out the shine.

Between the two, I prefer Coffret D’Or for its exceptionally good shine-control ability. For me, the finish can look a little dry during the first hour of wear. But after that, the finish looks natural for the rest of the day with little maintenance. If you have combination or oily skin or if you live in a warm climate, Coffret D’Or is worth considering.

However, if you have dry skin with no issue of excessive sebum, then Lunasol’s soft and velvety powder will probably suit you better and give you a beautifully luminous finish.

With the primers:

(Coffret D’Or Beauty Lasting Veil UV
& Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base)

Coffret D’Or’s Beauty Lasting Veil UV (SPF 20, PA ++, alcohol-free) has a very pleasing light milky texture and is easy to apply. Designed to add luminosity to the skin, it goes on almost completely sheer and it has visible shimmer. With this primer, Coffret D’Or’s finish turns considerably more velvety, almost like Lunasol (when worn without any primer) and the level of pore coverage is also increased slightly.

However, for me, the huge drawback is that the shine-control ability considerably lessens, which is very disappointing.

Lunasol’s Smoothing Makeup Base (no sunscreen factor, with some alcohol) is designed to diffuse the appearance of pores. It is slightly thicker than Beauty Lasting Veil UV but it is still easy to apply. It goes on almost completely sheer and does not have shimmer.

When worn with this primer, Lunasol’s smooth and velvety texture remains but the finish turns slightly more matte. Even though I don’t think the primer and the foundation worn together conceal pores better (then the foundation alone), the primer does seem to help control shine to a small extent.

While I would see Beauty Lasting Veil UV as a moisturizing primer for those who think Coffret D’Or is too dry, Smoothing Makeup Base seems to be for those concerned about Lunasol’s lack of shine-control ability.

Overall, in terms of the four options (two foundations with/without the primers), I would still prefer Coffret D’Or worn without primer. The winning attribute is definitely the outstanding shine-control efficacy.

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