A Touch of Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush

by PJ on Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush
(in 04 Mauve) was the first Maybelline item that I bought in quite a long time. (I later bought the Dream Mousse Eye Color in Divine Lilac and Fabulous Turquoise, which I have reviewed.)

When I tested this in the shop, I was impressed by the natural and almost transparent finish and the wearable color. 04 Mauve is a soft medium pink. The finish is quite sheer, which I like, but it can be built up to a slightly more intense finish with minimal efforts.

It has some pink and pale gold shimmer. But it is fine and sparse enough so it doesn’t bother me.

Apart from the wearable shade for my skin-tone (light-to-medium with a slight pink undertone), what I really like about this blusher is the texture. The mousse-like texture is light and almost spongy, and it makes blending very easy. The formula is mainly silicone-based, which explains the velvety feel the blusher dries up to.

The only drawback is that the staying power is not the most impressive that I have experienced. However, touching up is easy, provided that my hands are clean of course.

(My face can get oily during the day. Even after blotting out the shine, I usually still find it hard to use a powder blusher to touch up and get a fresh and pristine finish. The powder sinks in too quickly to be blended evenly. It is much easier for me to use a liquid/cream/mousse based blusher for touch-ups. (Apart from silicones, one of the main ingredients in this blusher is jojoba oil, which contributes to the good slip.)

Overall, this is a fuss-free blusher that is easy to apply and gives a very natural glowy finish. A good value for money for sure if this is the kind of finish you want.

[The names given to items in the Maybelline Dream Mousse line are different from those in the US. It appears that the shade I have is named Soft Plum (#40) in the US.]

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