Can’t Live Without: Starbucks Napkins

by PJ on Thursday, May 15, 2008

in "Can't Live Without",beauty tools/accessories

(Face savers…)

“Why is PJ showing a photo of paper napkins?” you may ask…

These napkins are a hugely indispensable part of my daily beauty-maintenance routine, because they are the best oil-blotting paper I have ever used and only Starbucks has the kind that I like.

It all happened more than 10 years ago when I forgot to carry oil-blotting paper and I had to make do with one of these napkins to matte out the shine. But, to my surprise, it was so absorbent and worked so efficiently that my remaining stock of blotting paper was then left untouched for years.

Made with 100% recycled paper in a bleach-free process, these napkins work very well as blotting paper and normal tissue paper simply can’t compare. One sheet is more than enough for a whole day running around outdoors during summer.

If you have oily skin and need several sheets of blotting paper at a single “blotting session”, do try one of these next time. But do be gentle, since these napkins are obviously not designed for the face and the texture is coarser than the usual blotting paper. (But, interestingly, I have noticed that the Starbucks napkins are getting thinner and softer over the years…)

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