Coffret D’Or 3D Lighting Eyes in Gold Variation

by PJ on Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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(Kanebo Coffret D’Or 3D Lighting Eyes
in 05 Gold Variation)

I like a bit of variety in my makeup collection. I tend to pick up one shade from an eye palette series and that is it. No matter how much I like what I have, I often look elsewhere for my next gem. There usually has to be a compelling reason for a second purchase.

I have quite a few eyeshadows in blue, purple, turquoise, and pinks. But when it comes to neutral tones, what I had were mostly either very pale or quite dark. It didn’t bother me before, since I like a bit of color. But, sometimes, to go with what I wear, soft neutrals are by far the best choices. So, weeks ago, I finally decided not to make do with dusty pink and soft peach and get some nice neutrals.

The color I decided to look for is a medium gold with subtle shimmer (not overly metallic shimmer) that is not bronze or orangey, and I planned to pick up a palette with the shade and other coordinating ones.

As I was looking through my recent Biteki and Voce seasonal makeup catalogues, I remembered that, when Coffret D’Or was launched last December, I was allured by the 3D Lighting Eyes palette in Gold Variation used on Tokiwa Takako. (The full-page ad appeared on Biteki (February 2008) and showed the makeup look a lot more clearly than the (same) image below.)

(Tokiwa Takako for Coffret D’Or)
(image from

Also, the texture and the finish of my Purple Variation appealed to me so much that I thought it would be great to pick up a second one. So I did.
(The sun was out, so I decided to take a few more shots.
Later I found that this photo shows the actual shades a lot better.)

From left to right:

The top two:
– a sheer off-white with fine sparkles
– a moderately pigmented pearlescent white with fine shimmer

The bottom three:
– a medium gold with smooth shimmer and fine sparkles (moderately pigmented)
– a very shimmery sheer pale champagne gold with slightly larger sparkles
– a subtly shimmery well-pigmented medium brown with some fine sparkles (which goes on a little cooler than it looks in the pan)

(All the sparkles and shimmer are multi-colored.)

The texture of the powder is wonderfully soft and silky. The application is effortless and blending is a breeze.

The look it creates is just like what you see in the ad above. The soft gold and the coordinating pale champagne enhance the dimensions of the eyes very effectively, but the whole look is still elegant and understated. (The soft gold is exactly what I wanted. It is a subtle but effective shading color.)

The colors from 3D Lighting Eyes are very long-lasting. Once I wore Purple Variation (without any eye primer) and my eye makeup surprisingly more or less survived heavy wind and rain (the kind where an umbrella is basically useless…well, it’s the unpredictable British weather…).

I am very pleased that I got this palette so that I can enjoy all the great things about 3D Lighting Eyes when I am not wearing lilac for the day!

(For the clear instructions on where each shade is applied, my thoughts on the eye-sculpting concept of the 3D Lighting Eyes series, the look of the palette case, and the other color variations, please refer to my post on the Purple Variation.)

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