Maquillage Lasting Climax Rouge in RS310

by PJ on Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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(Maquillage Lasting Climax Rouge in RS310)

Since I tried Maquillage‘s Clean Contrast Eyes in SV844, I had wanted to try something else from the line. I decided to go for one of their lipsticks and picked up Lasting Climax Rouge in RS310, from Maquillage’s spring 2008 lineup.

RS310 is medium warm rose and goes on a little more vibrant. It has a natural and slightly glossy finish. It goes on easily and the color and finish last well. While it is not the most moisturizing lipstick I have, it is not drying. (So far, my SUQQU lipstick is probably the most moisturizing lipstick I’ve had.)

I was expecting the Lasting Climax Rouge range to be quite sheer, and I was surprised by the medium pigmentation level when I tried the sample card, which contained five shades (but didn’t contain RS310). RS310 also has a medium color pay-off, while its pigmentation level is slightly lower than that of Coffret D’Or Full Styling Rouge Color.

In terms of the finish, compared with Coffret D’Or Full Styling Rouge Color and Lavshuca Jewelry Lips, this one is slightly glossier and has a tad more micro-shimmer. But it doesn’t have a frosty/metallic finish, which I don’t like.

Shade-wise, it is lighter, warmer and slightly more vivid than Coffret D’Or Full Styling Rouge Color in RS-241 and Lavshuca Jewelry Lips in PK-1. It is quite a girlie color.

Overall, as an RS (Rose) shade, Lasting Climax Rouge in RS310 is relatively vibrant, and I feel it is more of a cool PK (Pink) shade than a typical RS shade from Japanese brands. (Many RS shades I have seen are more muted.) I personally prefer to wear it for the evening (without layering it too much). For daytime, I simply gently dab it on for a mild stained look.

For another review (written in Chinese, with this very shade worn on lips), please check out this post.

Updated on June 6th, 2008:

Please check out the review of RD359 on Autumn Masquerade.


Thoughts on photographing lipsticks: I have personally observed that capturing the actual color of a lipstick is a lot trickier than showing that of, for example, an eyeshadow. I think it is because the lipstick itself is more dimensional. A friend of mine commented that it might also be because it is in a semi-liquid form. (Interestingly, I don’t really have this issue with lip glosses. Maybe it is because they are inside solid containers.) The lipstick color in the photo you see above is closest to its actual color under sunlight. (I don’t tend to digitally fine-tune color, brightness, or contrast of my photos for my reviews.)

The two photos below are taken within minutes of the one above. As you can see, in terms of the lipstick color, the first one looks slightly warmer (than the one above), while the second one looks darker and cooler.

(You can see that, in the second one, less light is reflected back to the camera and the lipstick shade looks darker. When it comes to photographing other makeup items, there is usually not this degree of difference (when the amount of light reflected back to the camera slightly varies).)

Based on my experiences, I have also come to understand why a lipstick (in the container, not worn on a model’s lips), compared with other makeup items, can look so different in different magazines or even in different features in the same issue of a magazine.


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Blue Floppy Hat Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I’ve been considering the purchase of a Shiseido red liptick for a week now- a big deal for me, since I don’t often wear obvious makeup- in fact, I don’t often wear makeup, period. But it’s a tough thing to find lipsticks that don’t dry my lips out and don’t slide off too easily either- so I’m glad this works for you :)


Anonymous Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brilliant of you to point out the lipstick photography issue and explain it….I think this is really the hardest thing when trying to figure out colours online. They usually look cooler than they are in reality, and having just photographed a lipgloss myself, it all makes sense now that you have defined the issue….



parisb Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh this looks like a lippie I could like! I usually use the RS line in Japanese lippies. Thanks for the review and for explaining the thing about photographs and lipsticks. I do notice that its a lot harder to photographs lipsticks and get them to show up just the way you want them to.


PJ Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi Blue Floppy Hat,

I think you might want to look into tinted lip balms, like MAC’s Tendertones, if you haven’t tried them. I think most of them should be more moisturizing than lipsticks. They also only have a hint of color so they might suit you better on a daily basis.

(I don’t usually use a tinted lip balm at the moment so I am not able to give you a personal recommendation.)

With Shiseido’s Lasting Climax Rouge lipsticks, if your lips are extremely dry, they might not be the best choices for you…

Thank you for your comment again! :)


PJ Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi Lynnderella,

Great to see your comment here!

I do hope what I said makes sense and doesn’t sound confusing. I have not been reviewing or photographing a lot of lipsticks on my blog, so I am still observing. I do find this very fascinating and I will probably have more to say on this later on.

I think you are right. Many lipsticks do look cooler on-line than they actually are…

I also find lipsticks very hard to pick on-line. Sometimes, the more photos I see, the more confused I am. I have to try not to let myself go when it comes to buying lipsticks on-line.

Thank you very much for your comment! :)


Kng Suan Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi PJ,

I read the chinese blog and saw the colours of the lips and this would be the kind of colour that I would use in the day time and the kind that I would normally pick up given the wide range in front of me. :)

I’m now trying to diversify and am moving into other colours. Now am looking at nude lipsticks, though I am not quite sure how to carry them off and match with other make up.

Thanks for sharing and giving me another choice to add to my collection of pink lipsticks.


Jossu Thursday, May 29, 2008

That looks so cute! I love lipsticks and this is definitely a must-have for me. The colour also seems perfect. Also thank you for that Chinese blog, now I can improve my Chinese a little.


Kng Suan Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi PJ,

Another question to ask you. Maquillage doesn’t have an English site, do they? Cuz the only English site I found is for Shiseido the Makeup. Also have u considered the hydro powder eyeshadow from the STM range? Macquillage have something similar, so i’m wondering how the two matches up.



Syen Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hey PJ, thanks for the post. I’ve been thinking of trying out another lipstick from Maquillage, since I first received one from Kahani. But wasn’t too sure about how moisturising etc this one was. There are some shades which do look tempting. =P Thanks again.


PJ Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi Paris,

Now I mainly go for RS shades as well. (I also like cooler and more muted PK shades.)

I am glad you share my view on getting the lipstick shade right on the photos. I do hope I have explained myself clearly enough. I have also found that when I angle a lipstick in a certain way (in relation to the light source), the color happens to come out more accurate. I think I will be sticking to that angle in the future.

Thank you for your comment again! :)


PJ Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi Kng Suan,

Thank you for your comments!

I have very little experience with nude lipsticks, but my personal view is that I would prefer sheer nude lipticks that have enough pink and/or peach pigment and not the overly nude or pale ones. They tend to look better in studio photos than in real life.

As for Maquillage, I don’t think they have an English site. But Shiseido has a (traditional) Chinese site that you might find helpful:

I have tested Shiseido The Makeup’s Hydro Powder Eyeshadows at the counter. I am not sure if it is because the testers had dried out a bit, but the texture seemed quite dense. They were almost a bit like MAC’s Paint Pots to me.

I haven’t tried Maquillage’s equivalents so I don’t know for sure. But I tested those from PN a few years ago, and they seemed slightly lighter and easier to blend. I would expect something similar from the current Maquillage ones.

Hope it helps!

Thank you very much for leaving your comments again! :)


PJ Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi Jossu,

Great that you enjoyed this post.

The Chinese blog that I linked to is a blog I read regularly. The writer posts well-written reviews and I like her soft makeup looks. She also has some items that I am personally interested in buying…:)

Hope you will like this lipstick if you do choose to get it, and do let me know what you think of it.

Thank you for posting your comment again! :)


PJ Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi Syen,

You are very welcome!

There are indeed some nice shades in this range. For me, I think they are somewhat moisturizing and definitely not drying. But I think, in this case, it really depends on the individual, since I won’t be surprised if there are people who still find them on the drying side.

Thank you very much for your comment. Keep up the great work with your blog! :)


Citrine Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hey PJ,
That looks like an interesting color to get (I am not as interested in rouge as much as glosses but hey every girl likes rosy color…Michelle’s makeup are so cute!) I might pick up something from maquillage in the future, I like the edgy-independent-yet-feminine lady brand image they have…I am guessing my first item might be that nickle-tone lash curler (for collection, since I don’t bother putting on mascara that often) as for now, I will just enjoy the pretty pictures and swatches you and other bloggers have.

And for that hydro powder shadow from shiseido, I really liked it when I was trying them out(the one I tried,purple and pink ones haven’t dried out yet, so the texture was very smooth, sorta like a lipstick/balm, and the color is so pretty and multi-dimensional…it can be intensified by layering (unlike maybeline mousse, which just get thicker and more glittery) without looking caky, but since I was only buying a sunblock/cleanser,I didn’t pick up any of the shadow pots…I didn’t want to over spend that day (I did anyway, I wanted to buy a pair of shorts but ended up going home with three…Argh…)

Hey, it’s nice to know that you like those JT pictures, juicy tubes is another obsession of mine,in fact, I just grabbed another tube on Tuesday, I love that cherry color!

I took those picture because I like to record what I am using at the moment, (seeing old stuff bring back memories), there was a post-final-exam symdrome that made me carrying a little bag full of lip gloss and taking pictures of them inside my shool (btw, the background was real fossil!) I still have a bit of those lip gloss pictures left and I will post them later on if you like.

I got my awesome camera, now I just need a memory stick (who knows that sony got their “own” type…)

Enough babbling, talk to you later!



PJ Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hi Mina,

Great to know that you have your new camera now. :)

I am also more interested in lip glosses than lipsticks. But, once in a while, I would pick up one, if I see a shade I like from a brand I am interested in trying more products from. In this case, I do quite like this lipstick from Maquillage.

I think you are spot-on with the brand image of Maquillage. Packaging-wise, it is not attention-grabbing and the angular designs almost have a masculine quality. But the colors are usually soft and feminine, and I think everything works well together and that the brand has a classy but amiable feel. As I have been looking more into the brand, it has been growing on me slowly and steadily.

Thank you very much for telling Kng Suan and me more about the Hydro Powder Eyeshadows from Shiseido The Makeup. I hope Kng Suan will get to read about your thoughts too.

I like your lip gloss photos and am glad to see more that you posted on Thursday. I shall head back and leave a comment later! :)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts again, and enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)


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