Shiseido Maquillage Forming Shiny Eyes in 52

by PJ on Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Maquillage‘s Forming Shiny Eyes was part of the line’s fall 2008 collection, which radiates an international flavor. (The collection was created in collaboration with fashion designer Christopher Kane and the ad campaign featured model Agyness Deyn.) Among the five variations, I liked the combination of purple and gold in #52 (which happened to combine two major makeup trends in fall 2008) and I received this as a birthday gift last year from a dear friend.

The product comes in a two-tier pot with a storage slot for the sponge applicator at the bottom.

The top tier has the cream base and the bottom tier has the gold and purple.

The cream base is very easy to apply with a finger. It leaves a nice veil of off-white shimmer that softly glistens (rather than glitters), and it actually looks quite pretty on its own. It can be applied from the lashline and taken all the way under the brow bone.

The gold imparts a beautiful shimmer, which doesn’t look too frosty or sparkly. (There are also some fine multi-colored particles to help the shimmer look more vibrant and dimensional.) The flattering yellow-toned gold doesn’t look too white-ish or bronzy.

The purple is a well-pigmented muted medium-to-dark shade that has less shimmer than the gold. Used as a lining shade (which is more or less what the application instructions on the packaging suggest), it frames the eyes very well.

Once, I thought I’d bring it further from my lashline, but it didn’t work well mainly because it didn’t seem to be blendable enough. Unlike the gold, which is very soft and easy to blend, the purple seems to be purposefully made to have less movement and to set more quickly. My suggestion is to only wear it close to the lashline or as a lining shade. (It does hold very well overtime.) Since the shade is less intense than most eyeliner colors, it adds a nice definition to the eyes without making the look too dramatic.

The image below shows the look that this item can create. Again, the purple is worn quite close to the lashline to define the eye contour.

(image from image from

Overall, I like this trio very much. (I almost slightly prefer it to Maquillage’s Clean Contrast Eyes 2 in SV844.) It should be a very nice daytime item if you want something easy to wear and something effective in adding dimension to the eyes. The gold is light and fresh enough for daytime but vibrant enough to brighten the eyes, and the gold and purple make a well-coordinated pair.

For another item that has a similar color combination (though the colors are worn differently) plus a gorgeous medium lilac, please take a look at my review of Lunasol’s Sheer Contrast Eyes in Lavender Coral.

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心。葵 @ plue Thursday, January 8, 2009

thanks for the review!

i am highly interested in MQ ever since I bought their Xmas palettes :)
and am looking forward in getting more of them!

I was wondering if you have their Design Cheek colour? I am quite interested in getting those, but not very sure how would it turn like :)


Glow Chaser Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh my this looks terribly tempting!!!!


PJ Friday, January 9, 2009

Hi Plue,

Maquillage is a brand that I have become more interested in since this time last year. I think, overall, I still prefer Coffret D’Or, but I am certainly paying more attention to Maquillage than before.

I have not tried their Design Cheek Colors. But it looks like a promising item, and it reminds me of a PN blusher also with four coordinating shades. You might have seen that the shade in #80 (the pink one) is 3rd on Biteki readers’ favorite blusher list (Biteki February 2009).

If you decide to try it, do write about it on your blog. I would love to read about your thoughts! :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog again! :)


PJ Friday, January 9, 2009

Hi Yasumi,

Good to hear from you again!

Even though it was an autumn item, I would say it is still very wearable for spring. Plus purple seems to be still very on-trend this season. :)

Thank you for stopping by again! :)


Makeup World Friday, January 9, 2009

I love purple and pink! They go so well together! Oooo…another item to add to my Japanese makeup list. PJ my list of purchasing Japanese makeup is getting longer! lol…Love it!


Ivvy Friday, January 9, 2009

Hi, im from mexico, and i like very much the shiseido makeup, i buy it in USA, i live near the board, but why they don’t sell Maquillage in other countries, only in Asia, isn’t? there must be a reason.. i can buy it in the internet but i think it won’t be the same,
This blog it’s grat, i liked it very much, thank you!
sorry for my english, it’s not so good..


PJ Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hi Makeup World,

I do love the combination of pink and purple as well. But, in this item, the pink cream base goes on as a soft white and doesn’t look very pink.

A nice palette with pink and purple that I really like is Coffret D’Or’s 3D Lighting Eyes in Purple Variation. You can read my review here. Also, the new Coffret D’Or Shine Accent Eyes in Pink Variation also looks very promising. :)

Thank you for your comment again! :)


PJ Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hi Ivvy,

Thank you for reading my blog, and don’t apologize! :)

Yes, Maquillage is only sold in Asia. But there are a few websites that carry Japanese cosmetics and deliver internationally. Two that I have shopped from are Adam Beauty ( and Ichibankao ( Both take PayPal. I have been very happy with their services.

Thank you very much for your comment! :)


Satin Panties Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow. Those color combination are fantastic. Cream, gold, and purple. I never guessed that they would go well together but they do.


PJ Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thank you very much for posting your comment!


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