Coffret D’Or Color Mixing Eyes in Lavender Purple Mix

by PJ on Friday, August 7, 2009

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The Color Mixing Eyes series is part of Kanebo Coffret D’Or‘s summer 2009 collection. Today I am sharing my thoughts on 04 Lavender Purple Mix.

The four colors in this palette are:

Bottom left: sheer off-white with soft shimmer
Top left: moderately pigmented light cool lavender with a mildly sparkly finish
Top right: moderately pigmented light-to-medium purple with soft shimmer
Bottom right: pigmented dark plum-purple

All shades have multi-colored shimmer. They go on easily and have a decent staying power.

The interesting thing about Color Mixing Eyes is that the top two shades are designed to be mixed together for the eyelids, and the two shades in this palette do work well together. With two slightly different finishes (the cool lavender on the left is more sparkly), the two shades together are able to create a dimensional look and the overall color is a soft cool purple.

(According to the eye chart on the back of the outer packaging, the cool lavender is also used along the inner 1/3 of the lower lashline.)

Compared with the previous series of Coffret D’Or’s eyeshadow palettes, Color Mixing Eyes is sheerer than Trance Deep Eyes (fall 2008) and 3D Lighting Eyes (spring 2008, marginally the most pigmented among the four series) and is more or less as sheer as Shine Accent Eyes (spring 2009). Among the four, Trance Deep Eyes is still the most shimmery/sparkly.

The look that this palette creates is fresh, cool, and summery, mainly due to the cool-toned lavender. For me, the color from mixing the two purples is a little too cool for my liking. I have tried using the purple on the right on its own on my lids, and I think this look suits my slightly warm-toned complexion better.

Overall, this is a satisfying palette and I should be going back to it quite often. If you would like a light and cool look for the eyes for summer (instead of the warm bronze look), this palette will be a very good choice. Also, if the purples you usually go for are medium-to-cool ones, then this palette would also be quite ideal.

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