Fall 2009 Makeup Top 10 (Part 1)

by PJ on Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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A couple of weeks ago, I presented the Fall 2009 Makeup Trend Round-Up. Today, I start the countdown of my favorite fall 2009 makeup collections. I hope you will enjoy these posts.

10. Addiction

(image from www.addiction-beauty.com)

I think Kosé’s Addiction is one of the most exciting launches in Japanese cosmetics this year. As many of the mainstream Japanese makeup lines aim to be as wearable as possible, Addiction is a lot edgier, with items like various black eyeshadows that help create intense smoky eyes.

(image from www.addiction-beauty.com)

The launch lineup is very coherent and looks quite warm-toned to me, and I look forward to seeing their spring 2010 collection.

9. YSL

(image from www.ysl.com)

(image from www.joseishi.net/voce)

Among the items in YSL’s fall 2009 makeup collection, I like the Ombres 5 Lumières in 18 (above, Japanese release) and the limited-edition Cream Blush. The Cream Blush has more of a mousse texture, which is a pleasant surprise. It appeals to me more than blushers with a cream texture, as I think mousse blushers are easier to apply and blend. They also tend to look velvety/semi-matte (which I like) rather than shiny.

8. Dior

(image from www.iswii.net)

(image from www.iswii.net)

Dior’s seasonal makeup collections are usually great trend indicators, and the fall 2009 collection is no exception. The collection features purples, plums, pinks, and greys for the eyes and warm-toned shades for the lips. The 5-Color Eyeshadow in 173 Night Butterfly (above) has virtually all the seasonal trends in one compact.

The Dior Jazzclub palettes look very chic but they don’t wow me as much as many of Dior’s past seasonal limited-edition items. Otherwise, Dior would place higher on my list.

7. Paul & Joe

(image from www.iswii.com)

I think Paul & Joe’s seasonal makeup collections are always worth looking forward to, particularly the items with the original prints by the designer behind the brand, Sophie Albou. While I am not as crazy about the prints from this collection as I was about some of the previous ones, I like the new design of the eyeshadow cases, which have an oval shape instead of the usual round shape. Paul & Joe doesn’t do loud colors, and the eyeshadows for this season are soft, elegant, and wearable as usual.

(image from www.iswii.com)

The countdown continues in Part 2.

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Grace London Thursday, November 5, 2009

I really hope we get Addiction over here eventually; I love the look of the products. It's a very interesting direction for a new Japanese marque to take too, I would love to see how pigmented those eyeshadows are.


PJ Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hi Grace,

It would be great to see Addiction here. I think the chic NARS-esque feel might appeal to the UK consumers. (The makeup artist behind the brand, Ayako, used to be the international makeup director for NARS.) It seems to be a good brand to be brought into the international market.

Thank you for your comment again! :)


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