Holiday 2009 Focus: Dior Cristal Boréal

by PJ on Saturday, November 21, 2009

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I always look forward to Dior’s seasonal makeup collections, especially the limited-edition Star Products. Sometimes I am excited by the Star Products, and sometimes I am underwhelmed. For me, Dior’s holiday 2009 collection is probably one of the best holiday collections that Dior has brought out, and Cristal Boréal Crystal Gloss Jewel is certainly one of the reasons why I love the collection.

One thing I like about Cristal Boréal is that it is housed in a proper box, which does justice to the Swarovski crystals on the oval-shaped pendant. I am not really a fan of the velvety pouches that Dior’s seasonal limited-edition items usually come in, as they get dusty very easily. It is good to see Cristal Boréal much better presented. (As one of my readers, Kiks, so rightly said, this time it is more Dior than Dior Beauty.)

Four of the crystals are Aurore Boréale crystals. They reflect the light in colorful hues and they all have a nice depth to them.

According to the information leaflet (that comes with the pendant), the pendant features 52 Swarovski crystals.There are 52 crystals on the pendant itself already (I have counted them), so I am not entirely sure whether the one on the metal tag is also a Swarovski crystal.

(the back of the pendant)

The pendant contains a lip gloss, which is available in two shades (silver and pink). I went for the pink one (#251 Pink Crystal). Both shades are quite sheer and they mainly show up as subtly multi-colored shimmer.

The pendant flips open on both sides. There is no mirror, but the inside of the lid and the back of the pendant can work as mirrors.

Dior’s makeup accessories are usually statement pieces, and Cristal Boréal continues the tradition. While the Princess Ring is still my favorite seasonal Star Product from Dior, Cristal Boréal is among my favorites too.

I also like some of the other items in Dior’s holiday 2009 collection. (It is a very purple-toned collection.) The two 5-Color Iridescent Eyeshadow palettes are quite stunning. I prefer the softer Purple Crystal (which looks similar to 129 Pearly Lilac in the Lilas Addiction collection, which has not been available in the UK), even though the orchid purple in Smoky Crystal is my favorite shade in the whole collection.

(Purple Crystal)
(image from

(Smoky Crystal)
(image from

Another item I tested is Cristal Boréal Cristal Eyeshadow in Purple Gem. It is a low-key medium purple with sparse glitters. Personally, I would like it better if it didn’t have the glitters.

(image from www.

Overall, with purples and greys, this is another trend-sensitive collection from Dior. (It is a good extension from Dior’s fall 2009 collection.) The two Cristal Boréal shades might not be very original, but I think they do have a solid collectibility factor.

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