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by PJ on Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Late last year, one of my readers suggested that I recommend items for a complete makeup look. I thought that I would recommend items that create a natural look that is suitable for daily wear. Today, I will focus on eye makeup items.

Coffret D’Or 3D Lighting Eyes in Purple Variation (right)

Released in December 2007, it is still one of my favorite eye palettes. The dusky pink and the light lilac are a winning combination. The violet lining shade is one of the most beautiful lining shades I have come across.

Coffret D’Or Trance Deep Eyes in Rose Variation (left)

Try this one if you want a palette that is similar to 3D Lighting Eyes in Purple Variation but with more warmth. (Do note that this palette is more shimmery.)

Magie Deco Shadow Brilliance II in Foxy Lady (top)

This is my recent favorite. It includes soft warm neutrals that create a natural depth for the eyes.

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara in Jet Black

It is one of the most natural-looking mascaras that I have come across. It creates subtle length and volume for the lashes, and it has never clumped on my lashes.

SUQQU Eyebrow Brush L

I think this is one of SUQQU’s finest creations. Use this brush with any eyebrow powder that suits you. I like the fact that the brush is able to enhance the structure of the eyebrows without leaving any hard edges.

More recommendations for cheeks & lips as well as the complexion!

(The SUQQU Eyebrow Brush L featured in this post is provided by SUQQU.)

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lilluna5416 Monday, March 15, 2010

pretty palettes!


Tamtam Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear PJ,

I really love your blog, dunno why it gives me an airy, elegant feel!! haha thanks for your lovely post!!

I really want to try all three palettes you mentioned here… just one question, have you ever tried Kate e/s palettes? I have it in Diamond cut eyes (the purple tone) and I wonder if it looks very different or similar? Since they are both under Kanebo…

Also, does the Clinique Mascara smudge easily? I hate unnatural looking lashes too!!


PJ Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi Lilluna5416,

Thank you very much for stopping by again! :)


PJ Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Tamtam,

Thank you for your kind words! :)

I have not tried eyeshadow palettes from Kate, but I have always been looking out for ones I might be interested in trying. Diamond Cut Eyes in PU-1 looks very nice indeed. It doesn't seem to be similar to the palettes I mentioned here (it seems to be more cool-toned), but it does remind me of Kanebo T'Estimo's Frame Impact Eyes in 03. (It is one of my first lilac palettes.)

Clinique's Naturally Glossy Mascara doesn't tend to smudge on me, even though it is not a waterproof formula. (But I do have to say that very few mascaras smudge on me, so I might not be the best person to evaluate this.)

Hope it helps, and thank you for stopping by again! :)


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