(Chanel’s spring 2010 makeup collection)
(image from www.iswii.net)

I nearly decided not to post a round-up of the makeup trends of spring 2010 because, unlike some of the previous seasons, there are not many clear makeup trends for spring 2010.

Nonetheless, one noticeable trend for this season is the continuation of medium-to-warm neutrals from previous seasons. They are relatively easy to wear and they suit many types of complexions. They also suit most occasions and you can wear them later on in summer and in the rest of the year. Chanel and Estée Lauder are two of the brands that have released these wearable neutrals for spring 2010.

(Estée Lauder Michael Kors
Eyeshadow Duo in Blonde Mink)
(image from www.esteelauder.co.uk)

Also, Kosé’s Visée released Glam Nude Eyes, in which all five variations are neutral-based, many of which are warm-toned.
(Visée Glam Nude Eyes)
(image from www.visee.jp)

One related trend that is worth mentioning is the appearance of orange-toned eyeshadow shades from Japanese lines. (All of the three lines mentioned below happen to be under Kanebo.)

Firs tly, apart from the usual neutral options such as BR-1, BR-2, and GD-1 in Kate‘s Gradical Eyes A, there is an OR-1, which is the kind of variation that is less often seen in Japanese cosmetics. I think it is an interesting reinterpretation of wearable warm neutrals.

(Kate Gradical Eyes A in OR-1)
(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.co.jp)

(Kate Gradical Eyes A)
(image from www.iswii.net)

Coincidentally, the Spring Modern Eyes series from RMK (which is ultimately owned by Kanebo) includes the Orangy Brown variation.

(RMK Spring Modern Eyes in Orangy Brown)
(image from www.rmkrmk.com)

Coffret D’Or already released an orange-toned shade in Color Mixing Eyes’ Orange Brown Mix from summer 2009. The orange trend seems to continue into summer and fall, as it appears that the line’s late summer/ early fall 2010 collection will also feature an orange-toned shade in one of the new Beauty C Curve Eyes palettes.
(Coffret D’Or late summer/ early fall 2010 collection)
(image from www.nikkei.co.jp)

(I will be featuring Coffret D’Or’s Color Mixing Eyes in Orange Brown Mix and RMK’s Spring Modern Eyes in Orangy Brown later on.)