Dior Addicted to Dior for Summer 2010

by PJ on Saturday, May 22, 2010

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Addicted to Dior Jeweled Lip Gloss Duo is the limited-edition star item of Dior’s summer 2010 makeup collection. I first saw it in Harrods and then in my local John Lewis, and I got it with my Boots points after the collection was finally launched in Boots. (Its retail price in the UK is 42 pounds.)

The front of the palette is engraved with the Dior logo and the address of the House of Dior (30, Avenue Montaigne Paris). There are decorative jewels on the Dior logo and on the four corners. The palette comes with a drawstring velvet pouch.

The palette contains two lip glosses. Two variations are available, and I went for 002 Addicted to Pink, which includes a medium bronze with soft shimmer and a vibrant pink with no shimmer. Both shades go on quite sheer. (001 Addicted to Coral includes a warm gold and a coral.)

(I tested the colors at the counter. I am pretty sure I will keep my palette in an unused condition.)

Even though I decided to get it as soon as I saw the image of it on-line, I don’t think it is among my favorite limited-edition star items from Dior that I have. It is not as glamorous as Lady Dior or Cristal BorĂ©al and it is not as princessy as Dior Princess Ring.

I mentioned earlier that I thought it was slightly on the small side when I saw it in person for the first time. I was mainly comparing it with Dior Sparkling (in the photo above), which is the limited-edition star item from Dior’s holiday 2003 makeup collection. (I can’t quite believe that it is from nearly seven years ago.) Even with the delicate engravings, I think I prefer Dior Sparking. I like the fact that it is bigger and chunkier, and I like the beautifully glimmering pink decorative jewels on the Dior logo.

Having said that, I still think Addicted to Dior is certainly worth collecting. Dior’s limited-edition items that double as accessories almost always get extra points from me, and I do prefer Addicted to Dior to items like Poudrier Dentelle from Dior’s spring 2010 makeup collection. I am probably going to display it alongside some of my other limited-edition items from Dior on my dressing table.

(See images of 001 Addicted to Coral on My Women Stuff.)

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