SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

by PJ on Monday, November 28, 2016

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SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 1

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SUQQU will release its spring 2017 makeup collection in Japan on January 20th. The collection includes:

– Designing Color Eyes (6 variations (01 Yuushakuyaku 優芍薬 above), including 1 limited edition, ¥6800)

SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 2

(02 Hikaritouka 光橙花)


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 3

(03 Benimiyabi 紅雅)


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 4

(04 Ayanadeshiko 絢撫子)


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 5

(05 Aoshizuku 蒼雫)


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 6

(101 Sumizakurairo 純桜色 (limited edition))


– Pure Color Blush (3 new variations, including 1 limited edition, ¥5500)

SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 7

(06 Harusumire 春菫)


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 8

(07 Tsuyasatsuki 艶皐月)


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 9

(101 Kasaneyamabuki 重山吹 (limited edition))


– Extra Glow Lipstick (5 new shades, including 2 limited editions, ¥4000)

SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 91

(11 Hanautsugi 華卯木)


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 92

(12 Yuridaidai 百合橙)


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 93

(13 Saeazami 冴薊)


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 94

(101 Sumimomo 澄桃 (limited edition))


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 95

(102 Sumibara 澄薔薇 (limited edition))


– Nail Color R (3 new shades, limited editions, ¥2500)

SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 96

(101 Shakunage 石楠花 (limited edition))


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 97

(102 Mokkoubara 木香薔薇 (limited edition))


SUQQU Spring 2017 Makeup 98

(103 Hoshimigusa 星見草 (limited edition))


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Catya Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sumizakurairo looks divine! I wonder if this means they’ll be discontinuing the blend color eyeshadow line.


PJ Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hi Catya,

Sumizakurairo does look good! I like the muted mauve pink on the lower left.

I think SUQQU might stop releasing new seasonal variations of Blend Color Eyeshadow, but I also think the existing variations will remain available for a while.

It is possible that SUQQU might still occasionally bring out limited-edition variations of Blend Color Eyeshadow even if it is officially discontinued (like the three limited-edition shades of Creamy Glow Lipstick for the UK market for holiday 2016). We will wait and see! :)

Thank you very much for posting your comment again! :)


Ann Saturday, December 3, 2016

Thanks for the info!
As much as I’m excited with these new es palettes I hope the blend color es will still pop up once in a while as there are no matte looking or stronger pigment shades in the new line.. there’s also the missing ex-34 blend color es we haven’t seen.


PJ Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hi Ann,

You are very welcome! :) It may certainly be possible that there will be a few more variations of Blend Color Eyeshadow in the future, and it may be the case that they will be exclusive to the UK. We’ll see!

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! :)


Ana Sunday, January 8, 2017

OK, I’m officially no longer excited about the SUQQU releases. This is a long, long way from their original lineups and originality. Now it looks exactly like Lunasol. Amazing quality, and great for the Office Lady look, but I just can’t get excited about another quad with soft browns and purple/pink variations with the occasional red or green mixed in.

That said, I continue to love your blog PJ :)


PJ Monday, January 9, 2017

Hi Ana,

It’s great to hear from you again! :)

I do agree with you. In my post on SUQQU’s Blend Color Eyeshadow in EX-30 Hekikai, I mentioned that the palette reminded me of the bright eyeshadow shades SUQQU released around ten years ago. For me, SUQQU has always been elegant and sophisticated, but, back then, the brand had a stylish edge that it lacks now. Also, with the changes in packaging and prices that we see in the fall 2016 makeup collection, I feel that the brand, while remaining a premium brand, is aiming to increase its mass-market appeal.

From what I have observed so far, it appears that SUQQU has been able to gain new fans (although part of the success might be due to the increase in availability in Asia). On the other hand, I suppose keeping all the existing fans happy at the same time might not be easy.

(Chicca, also owned by Kanebo, went through a somewhat similar process. There were some price decreases a few years ago. Also, the brand used to target more mature customers specifically and its ad campaigns at the time clearly reflected that. (I always think it is refreshing to see a more mature brand ambassador fronting the ad campaign for a beauty brand.))

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts again and for your kind words! :) I really appreciate your support! :)


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