Can’t Live Without: Dove Body Silk

by PJ on Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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(Dove Body Silk Beauty Body Cream)

Today I am bringing you another product that I can’t live without!

I first bought Dove Body Silk simply because I decided I was not going to buy a body moisturizer that came in a bottle. With or without a pump, it could be quite a pain at the end with all the scraping to get the last bit.

I remember trying Boots Botanics Nourishing Body Butter, which came in a jar. It was very moisturizing but slightly too greasy. I then bought a Garnier one (which has been discontinued) but I later thought the per-ml price was a bit too high for a budget line.

Then I bought Dove Body Silk and this turned out to be one of my favorite body moisturizers ever.

It smells pretty good. (It is hard to really love a body moisturizer if I don’t like the smell.) I wouldn’t say it smells absolutely heavenly, but it has a faint soft comforting smell that I like very much. Apart from body products from a fragrance range, I don’t usually like those with a strong smell. So this one is absolutely fine with me.

It has a light cream texture and spreads so easily and evenly. It takes less time to apply than many other body moisturizers I have tried. The skin is left very effectively and delicately moisturized with no greasiness or heaviness.

But I think what I love the most about this body cream is how the skin feels after each application. I still remember how surprised I was after I put it on for the first time. I was just making sure that everything was absorbed, and I felt that the skin was so delightfully silky smooth. My skin never felt like this before, I have to say.

The product is named Body Silk, which, for me, is quite spot-on. I think I will definitely continue to enjoy it (and all the silkiness) as long as it is available.

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Kng Suan Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I love Dove Body Silk too. Tried it once when I couldn’t find mine and took it off my flatmate and have not looked back. Now that I’m in Singapore, I have to ask whoever that goes to UK to get it for me!


PJ Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hello Kng Suan,

I am glad that you like Dove Body Silk too. I think the preferences for body moisturizers can be just as personal and idiosyncratic as facial moisturizers, so it is always great to hear from someone that likes the products that I like.

I quite like the Garnier Body Cocoon line as well, but the actual product I like is packaged in a bottle with a pump, which is the kind of packaging I decided to avoid. But the moisturizer itself is very good.

Thank you very much for leaving your comment again! :)


Lisa Sunday, December 16, 2007

OMG!!! I sooo love the Dove Body Silk too! It’s my absolute HG body moisturiser. I first bought it on a trip to Auckland, when my skin turned really really dry. Like you, I was seriously impressed. I’ve asked my aunt to help get me a jar when she came back the last time. She came with THREE. Happiness. =D


PJ Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello Lisa,

I am glad that you also like the Dove Body Silk!

Sometimes I find it hard to recommend bodycare products, since different people like different textures and scents. Also, there can be quite a big difference as to which products are available in a certain country. So I can only talk about something purely based on my own experience, and it is very nice to know other people that enjoy using the product as much as I do! :)

Thank you for leaving your comment!


Allysia-May Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wow! It’s very rare for me to find people who actually love the Dove Body Silk but my mum and i are so addicted….for me its the summer lotion to have and the Garnier body Cocoon is my winter favourite. I get what you mean about lotions that come in pumps; i usually have a special toothbrush wrapped in cotton wool for the job…lol. I’ve actually stumbled on another body lotion which is sort of like garnier but i think it’s better….it’s Avon’s body so soft moisturiser. It feels really thick when you put it on your palm but it totally disappears once it hits your skin and it smells sort of like the dove body silk….very deliciouso. I wish i could fina hair products that worked this well for my afro hair. I’m planning on relocating down under so i definately would be stocking up on these before i leave.


PJ Friday, December 21, 2007

Hello Allysia-May,

Actually, I have been using Garnier Body Cocoon (the one with the pump) for at least two years before I changed to Dove Body Silk.

I do really love Garnier Body Cocoon very much, but, as I mentioned, I decided to go for something easier to dig out the last bit at the end…

Thank you for telling me about the Avon body moisturizer you like. I will find out more about that.

Thank you very much as well for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts! Hope to hear from you again soon and hope your relocating goes very smoothly! :)


Anonymous Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I’ve bought Dove Body Silk after reading your review and I love it! Thanks God, I could find this product in Russia where I live :)


PJ Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello there,

I am glad that you were able to find it and that you are enjoying using it. I have been pleasantly surprised that many of you are loving this body moisturizer like I am!

Thank you very much for posting your comment! :)


DD Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hi im in abu dhabi now..i used dove go fresh body silk and dove body silky body too..please tell me what is the defferent between this country only avilable those 2 varieties..that u put the picture of cream tub thats not avilable here..


PJ Friday, July 3, 2009

Hi DD,

I know how confusing these products can be. The Dove Body Silk is actually called Dove Supreme Body Silk now, but I think it is the same product.

Of the two products you mentioned, the latter might be closer to the one I have (and might be more emollient than the Go Fresh one). But I am not 100% certain about this. (Dove often releases different products in different countries.)

I am sorry I couldn't be of much help, but thank you very much for your question! :)


eis Monday, April 11, 2011

hi….i just discovered this product last february when i came to singapore…i was attracted with the packaging and decided to give it a try…it really works for me and is much cheaper and more effective than the one i used now…too bad it’s not available in my country, and thanks to my niece in singapore she’ll be coming over for a visit with this moisturizer in tow…


PJ Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hi Eis,

This is still the body moisturizer that I use on a daily basis. I really love how moisturizing it is and its soft and silky finish. I am happy that you like it too, and I hope your niece will bring you many to enjoy! :)

Thank you very much for posting your comment! :)


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