The New Thierry Mugler Makeup Line – A Guest Review by Lynn Chrisman

by PJ on Sunday, June 1, 2008

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Some of you might have heard about or seen the new makeup line by Thierry Mugler. I have not seen it in person myself, and today I am excited to present a guest review by my friend Lynn, who has tried out some of the products.

Hope you will enjoy this review!

Special Report from New York—Thierry Mugler Bleu Glacis Cooling Effect Concealer, Bleu Effect Plexigloss Lip Lacker and Vinyl Gloss for Lashes

Owned by Clarins, the new Thierry Mugler cosmetic collection is called The Art of Metamorphosis: A Line of Make Up. In the United States, it is currently available at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and online at Bloomingdales is also expected to carry the line. I am going to share my impressions of the products I have been using lately: Bleu Glacis Cooling Effect Concealer, Bleu Effect Plexigloss Lip Lacker and Vinyl Gloss for Lashes. I was interested to note that the products are made in different countries. Bleu Glacis comes from Japan, the lipgloss from Italy, and the lash gloss is made in Germany.

Thierry Mugler Bleu Glacis Cooling Effect Concealer,
“Disguise with ice and light”

I became curious about this new line after reading an announcement about the line in a Fashion-Week edition of Women’s Wear Daily, but the real motivator to track it down was a paragraph in Allure about Bleu Glacis Cooling-Effect Concealer ($45 USD for 11 grams). It is unlike any concealer I have ever used—with a spongy, bouncy texture, and cooling sensation on the skin. The first time I applied it was on a nothing-on-my-face day, and it melded with my skin without creasing—almost like a waterproof product with a soft, matte finish. I find this remarkable since it is so watery and wet. When I am doing full make-up, I use Bleu Glacis on top of Clarins Perfecting Touch Primer, which is applied over Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream. It is so effective at luminizing the undereye area that I find myself using fewer products, and it does not crease or fade for hours. Since I have some fine lines, I just redistribute if I see a little crease. Bleu Glacis comes with a thin sponge applicator, but I have been comfortable applying it with my fingers. Most days, I just brush on a bit of Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener to blend the Bleu with my complexion, but I will be trying out Teint Glacis, which is a foundation that is also a cooling-effect product. For me, Bleu Glacis is the Product of the Year—so far.

Dee, a sales associate representing the line at Saks, told me that Bleu Glacis worked beautifully for a woman with rosacea and darker skin. For her, it was more of a colour correcting layer to be followed by foundation. Dee also mentioned that Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas foundation has a similar texture, but very different properties. On my second visit to the Thierry Mugler outpost in Saks, I saw a makeup artist applying Bleu Glacis and Teint Glacis to a young woman with caramel-coloured skin, and the effect was flawless and stunning. She said “Wow!” when she saw herself, and remarked that she had not looked so well-rested in a long time.

Thierry Mugler Lip Lacker, Bleu Effect Plexigloss,
“Liquid Crystal Hologram”

Another product I purchased is Blue Effect Plexigloss Lip Lacker ($40 USD). It is very a lightweight and moisturizing gloss without any stickiness, and reminds me of liquid opals. Yes, liquid opals! How did they do that? I find myself just gazing at the beauty of the product wand sometimes and daydreaming about its inner light…chances are that it will need to be moved into another room if I want to get any work done today. The applicator is the same type of flexible spatula used in many Japanese lipglosses. I wore it alone as a test for lasting power, and it held up for about four hours on a warm day. My natural lipcolour is quite red and Bleu Effect looks like an intense translucent violet until I blend and distribute the colour to a subtle sheen. When used as a top coat over a darker colour, the effect can be intense and multidimensional. The lipgloss has a mild honey-flower fragrance, but no taste. At Saks, I saw the other two glosses from the collection—the Reflection Effects in Pink and Coral have more shimmer and a holographic quality.

Thierry Mugler Vinyl Gloss for Lashes,
“A new beauty ritual for vinyl shine”

Vinyl Gloss for Lashes ($49.00 USD) is a lightweight, very liquid formula that is meant to be painted on the lashes and layered. It provides delicate coverage with nice lengthening. I have found the liquid formula long-lasting and very black. The small brush, in my opinion, is not easy to maneuver, and needs to be wiped off very carefully to avoid drips and clumps. I think that an applicator like the MAC-Mascara-Fan brush would be amazing with this formula. (For people who may have issues with lashes sticking together, Mascara Fan beautifully separates the lashes before the mascara dries. I am a devoted MAC-Mascara-Fan fan.)

In October 2008, 7 shades of lipstick called “Rouge Unique, The ultimate pigment explosion” will be introduced. In a tiny printed swatch on a brochure I was given with my purchases, I see what seems to be a lavender-lilac shade called Fantasy. Do I hear applause, PJ? Also in October, a new mascara called “Flash on Lashes, Spectacular lash mascara” will join Vinyl Gloss for Lashes. Mousse Foundation, “The ultimate pleasure in foundation” will be introduced in December 2008. According to Jason, another Thierry Mugler sales associate, over fifty new products will be introduced to the line this Fall. As for me, I’ll be spending this summer cleaning out my cabinets to make way for those tempting new lipsticks, conjuring Glacis Powder and Liquid Opal Nail Varnish while keeping cool under a lovely Bleu Glacis veil.

Special thanks to PJ for publishing this review and encouraging lilac-shadowed blue lipgloss lovers everywhere!


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the Muse Wednesday, June 4, 2008

great reviews lynn!

Totally lemming the Thierry Mugler Bleu Glacis Cooling Effect Concealer now!!!!!!!!

And I’ve never tried the Eye brightener from Bobbi Brown! Hmmm must get that too ;)


lyn Wednesday, June 4, 2008

blue tinged concealer? now that’s a first. i love concealers i wonder if it has the angel scent too. MmMm would be so nice.


Lynn Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dear Muse…You MUST SEE IT to believe it. GET over to Saks tonight before you leave town. IMPERATIVE. Also, check out the Teint Glacis Foundation! I’m using Bleu Glacis and Teint Glacis like UrbanDecay Primer Potion and TooFaced Shadow Insurance. These products are quite advanced. (I would underline if I could.) Wait until you see the lip lackers in person…. Is someone postponing her flight? Considering shipments to a beachfront hotel?

Hi Lyn. Lynnderella here. Actually, it doesn’t look blue when it’s blended, but it luminizes like nothing I have ever used…. Hoping PJ will soon agree. It doesn’t really have a scent, but the texture is very unusual. It’s wet and then magically adheres to skin. Hope you will try it. They send samples with online orders.


PJ Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hi The Muse,

Hope you get to see Lynn’s comment in time! :)

Enjoy your time off! :)


PJ Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hi Lyn,

Lynn has replied to your question above.

Thank you very much for leaving your comment! :)


PJ Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hi Lynn,

Thank you very much for posting your replies!

I hope the line will be available in the UK soon. I’d love to see the products in person and test them out (particularly the Bleu Glacis Cooling Effect Concealer, Bleu Effect Plexigloss, the eyeshadows, and the blushers).

Thank you again! :)


YM Sunday, June 8, 2008

the concealer shape and texture is most likely a “rip” of the Sonia Rykiel blush/tint correctors! I recognise the packaging and product texture, it is like a very firm jelly and has to be warmed slightly. I am not sure of the creators shared base product formulations ??

also, another high end perfumer which has released other innovative products is serge lutens, apparently the mascara ($60!) and foundations are superb.

there are several other designer cosmetics collaborations coming up within the next 3 years, i am really looking forward to their releases too.


Lynn Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hi YM.
Lynnderella here. I have not tried Sonia Rykiel, but the product names in PJ’s recent post made me wonder if the textures might be similar. It seems to me that the Bleu Glacis is unique because of the way the it luminizes with blue. I do not feel that it needs to be warmed—I just apply it and blend.

I tried the Serge Lutens lipsticks, eyeliner and mascara when they were first introduced at Barneys New York a few years ago. To me, the beautiful thing about is its simplicity. It’s almost as though the line has captured the essence of make up. I adore the tiny lipstick case, and I have kept Shade No.2 much longer than any other lipstick I ever purchased. I wanted it to be the ultimate red lipstick, but it was not. Close, but not quite. It is a densely pigmented blue red. Not matte. Not glossy.

I did not enjoy the Serge Lutens eyeliner. It’s a cream with a stick applicator. I lost patience with it quickly, but kept the lovely package anyway. From what I remember, the mascara was good, but I did not repurchase it due to the price. I am a bit of a mascara connoisseur, and devoted to Shu Uemura Basic and Precise Volume. The Serge Lutens, in my opinion, did not perform spectacularly enough to warrant a second purchase. But I am very glad I tried it. I remember that it went on without clumping at first, but did not continue to perform so well after a few applications.

It is always thrilling to see new innovations in cosmetics. I agree with you….Really looking forward to the new releases. Thank you for writing.


PJ Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi YM,

Thank you for your comment! Lynn has kindly replied to it as well.

I have not tried the product from Sonia Rykiel that you mentioned, but Bleu Glacis’ packaging does look very similar. I think both products have to be tightly closed when not used to retain the unique texture and consistency, which is probably why they use the same types of containers.

I have seen Serge Lutens’ makeup line some time ago. I have very vague memory of the colors now, but I like the very minimal and classy look of the line. I certainly look forward to more designer beauty lines as well!

Thank you again for your comment. Have a good week!


lk Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hello hello! do you know if they are still selling thierry mugler makeup in saks in ny right now? im going to ny in the summer and i'd like to get my hands on these beautys =D


Anonymous Sunday, May 2, 2010

No. Sadly, it's long gone. Best to try their website. Just google Bleu Glacis and see what you come up with. I think Sephora in Paris still carries the line, but it's no longer in any US stores.



jessica Friday, May 7, 2010

I just bought Bleu Glacis today at the Macys Herald Square in New York. They said they are the only ones in NY to carry it!


PJ Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hi to you both,

Thank you, LK, for your question, and thank you, Lynn, for your answer! :)


PJ Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hi Jessica,

Thank you very much for letting us know! :)


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