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by PJ on Thursday, July 24, 2008

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(From top: Tinted Brow Gel,
“Go Brow” Brow Pencil/ Highlighter,
Brow Filler, Perfect Brow Pencil, and Brow Wiz)

Last week, I reviewed Anastasia‘s 5-Piece Brow Kit and Eye Lights. Today I am focusing on some other items from the brand.

Brow Wiz and Perfect Brow Pencil (bottom of the photo) are the basics in Anastasia’s range. Both shades you see above are in Medium Ash, which would be the closest match if you have very dark or black hair. The thin and retractable pencil in Brow Wiz is good for precision-filling and needs no sharpening, while Perfect Brow Pencil is the traditional type of brow pencil. Both are softly pigmented so I think even people who can be heavy-handed sometimes (like me) can slowly build up the intensity and get a natural finish. Both come with a brush for blending.

Brow Filler is for people who need more serious filling. The brow powder is automatically loaded on a sponge-tip when you screw-open the cap. (The design is similar to that of some eyeshadows.) The powder is very pigmented and I would suggest removing the excess first and applying the powder light-handedly. If you want to save time and use this to do the whole brows, you are likely to end up with a heavy-browed look. (This item is currently available in one version, with Blonde on the one side and Brunette on the other.)

On the other hand, Go Brow is all about saving time. The product features a brow pencil on one end and a brow highlighter on the other. It is available in one shade only, and Anastasia claims that the brow pencil suits all brow colors. (Overall it suits my dark brow hair well.) The shade itself is a cool medium brown, and this is the only brow color reviewed here that has a hint of shimmer. I think the shimmer is precisely for making the shade suit more people. (The actual color is darker than it looks in the photo above, and I suppose it appears lighter here partly because of the shimmer.) The other end of the pencil is a matte and slightly pink-toned brow highlighter, which is the same as the Eye Lights Matte reviewed last week.

Lastly, Tinted Brow Gel works similarly to the Clear Brow Gel in the 5-Piece Brow Kit but it comes with color and shimmer. The shade in Caramel that you see above goes on quite light. The gel dries up very quickly and the color stays true throughout the day and doesn’t flake. It would be a suitable color if you have blonde hair or if you want to tone down your brow color.

(Products reviewed here that are not available on Anastasia’s official website can be found on, which also features a how-to video.)

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shopinchic Thursday, July 24, 2008

Choices,choices! I think
GoBrow would be the best
simply because you could
highlight and define the
brow bone,and then add
a little color to your

I would defintely stay
away from Brow Filler,
unless of course it
was Halloween and I
was going as Frida


PJ Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hi Shopinchic,

Go Brow is indeed a nice product, although I am not entirely sure if the color of the brow pencil will suit people with a very light hair color. But it does suit my very dark hair.

Thank you for your comment again. :)


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