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by PJ on Thursday, October 23, 2008

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SUQQU‘s fall 2008 makeup collection, Kokoroiro – Himeaka (I very roughly translate it as “the mysterious red of the heart“), puts red on the center stage and shows what it can do for the eyes. For this season, many Japanese brands have come up with deep warm red eyeshadows, as we have seen in the lineups of Lunasol, Cosme Decorte AQ, and Magie Deco. Let’s now look at SUQQU’s red eyeshadow and some other items from the collection. (The second part of this review, which will focus on items for cheeks and lips, will be up next week.)

Dual Eyeshadow in 01 Koushi

I have mentioned before that the texture of SUQQU’s eyeshadows is among the smoothest and silkiest that I have ever come across. (The same description applies to SUQQU’s lipsticks.) The Dual Eyeshadow range is new to SUQQU, but the lovely texture remains the same.

01 Koushi is used for the print ad campaign (seen above). It includes a very pale warm beige (with mild shimmer) and a well-pigmented deep warm red (with subtle shimmer). The pale beige is quite sheer and can work as a base and a highlighter. The deep red actually doesn’t go on nearly as red as what you see in the ad. It is essentially a warm red-toned brown, with red as the main color of the subtle shimmer. It is also a lot more wearable than it looks. I find that it gives a very sensual look, which is not attention-seeking but still carries impact.

If you do want a deep-red shade for the eyes, this color might not be red enough for you. On the other hand, if you find most browns to be too greyish for your complexion, this neutral-with-a-twist is worth considering.

Dual Eyeshadow in 02 Chaki

This duo includes a very luminous and glowy off-white (which is more pigmented than the pale beige in 01 Koushi) and a well-pigmented medium-to-dark brown with subtle shimmer. I like the fact that the brown doesn’t turn ashy overtime and the richness of the color holds very well.

As shadowing shades, both the deep red-brown and the brown can be quite dark for those with light or light-to-medium complexions. (I tend to wear them quite close to the lashline.) But the shades can easily be blended into a smoky look if you want a more intensity.

For me, in terms of quality, SUQQU’s eyeshaows are some of the best I have come across. Regarding the dark shades, the well-pigmented powder works very efficiently, and a gentle dab of the brush into the powder picks up a lot of color. But when it comes to dispensing, the color is actually released very gently, evenly, and steadily. Also, the powder has what I call a fluffy adherence. During the application, the powder doesn’t stick too firmly on the lid, and layering and blending are wonderfully effortless. But once the application is completed, the finish lasts very well.

Eyelid Base

Currently available in one shade, this product works similarly to other eye-base products. However, because of its powder texture, it is applied after the (powder or liquid/cream) foundation. I also use it as a concealer elsewhere on my face after my powder foundation.

It has a matte finish with no hint of shimmer, but the light-reflective particles and the subtle coverage cancel out uneven skin tone and create a fresh canvas for the eyeshadow application. (It helps even out both redness and darkness, but I find it to be particularly useful in evening out redness). Even if you don’t wear eyeshadows, this product can help brighten up the eye area. (It can also be used in the under-eye area.)

However, I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have noticeable lines around the eyes, as this powder-type product can emphasize the look of them.

SUQQU’s makeup products used to be in white cases. When the brand brought out dark ones, I thought they were almost black at the very beginning. But they are actually in a deep violet shade, which I find beautiful, sophisticated and quite unique. I tried to capture the color of the case in the photo above. (The inner panels of the cases are black.)

On the other hand, some SUQQU’s cases are in dark red, such as those for the spring/summer 2008 base makeup collection.

I will return with the second part of the SUQQU fall 2008 review next week. Do come back!

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lisa Sunday, November 2, 2008

I have the eyeshadow duo in Koushi as well, and I agree that it is very wearable and lovely. But I am surprised at a cosmetics company doing a look on a model for the seasonal collection, using colours that are not available in that collection! I went in wanting the red coloured eye look on the model, only to find there is nothing like it available at Suqqu!


PJ Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hi Lisa,

I’d think that Koushi is indeed the duo that was used on the model, and I think they probably used specific lighting that enhanced the red undertone in the eyeshadow. It is also possible that some post-production was involved, which is common in ad production, as I am sure you are aware of.

But I do understand how you feel, as I am also a bit surprised that the red shade is not as red as we see in the ad.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! :)


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