Sofina Primavista Powder Foundation Moist Touch

by PJ on Monday, October 13, 2008

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(Sofina Primavista Powder Foundation Moist Touch:
Ochre 03 (left) and Ochre 05)

On September 1st, Sofina‘s Primavista was officially launched as Raycious went into history. Since Raycious had a solid fan base, I think many people have been looking forward to seeing how Primavista will live up to the expectation.

I received trial samples of Powder Foundation Moist Touch and the two primers (Smooth Coat Base and Bright Up Base) some time ago, and today I am sharing my thoughts on the foundation. (I will probably talk about the primers later.)

In short, if you like Raycious powder foundations (especially the later versions), you probably won’t have problems liking this one.

Regardless of how the powder is formulated and the new technologies involved in the production, Primavista’s first powder foundation performs similarly to ones from Raycious, in good ways and bad.

Generally, you will see the same strengths that made Raycious so popular. The staying power is very good and the color of the foundation does not turn dull overtime and pretty much lasts the whole day. However, the glowy finish might not suit people with oily skin or those who want powder foundations to work hard to make pores less visible. (This is the reason why I had to stop buying Raycious foundations as the later versions were too glowy for me.)

I use #22 in ZA Two-Way Foundation and find Ochre 05 a relatively good match.

Overall, I think this powder foundation will suit people with no problem with excessive sebum. But one interesting thing is that, back in the Raycious days, there were no powder foundations released for fall/winter. (It was always a liquid foundation.) So maybe we’ll see something slightly more matte and more sebum-absorbent in spring 2009. This fall/winter release is called Powder Foundation Moist Touch…maybe the spring/summer 2009 release will be (predictably) called Fresh Touch? We’ll see!

You can read another review of this foundation at Autumn Masquerade.

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