Sofina Primavista Powder Foundation Moist Touch

by PJ on Monday, October 13, 2008

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(Sofina Primavista Powder Foundation Moist Touch:
Ochre 03 (left) and Ochre 05)

On September 1st, Sofina‘s Primavista was officially launched as Raycious went into history. Since Raycious had a solid fan base, I think many people have been looking forward to seeing how Primavista will live up to the expectation.

I received trial samples of Powder Foundation Moist Touch and the two primers (Smooth Coat Base and Bright Up Base) some time ago, and today I am sharing my thoughts on the foundation. (I will probably talk about the primers later.)

In short, if you like Raycious powder foundations (especially the later versions), you probably won’t have problems liking this one.

Regardless of how the powder is formulated and the new technologies involved in the production, Primavista’s first powder foundation performs similarly to ones from Raycious, in good ways and bad.

Generally, you will see the same strengths that made Raycious so popular. The staying power is very good and the color of the foundation does not turn dull overtime and pretty much lasts the whole day. However, the glowy finish might not suit people with oily skin or those who want powder foundations to work hard to make pores less visible. (This is the reason why I had to stop buying Raycious foundations as the later versions were too glowy for me.)

I use #22 in ZA Two-Way Foundation and find Ochre 05 a relatively good match.

Overall, I think this powder foundation will suit people with no problem with excessive sebum. But one interesting thing is that, back in the Raycious days, there were no powder foundations released for fall/winter. (It was always a liquid foundation.) So maybe we’ll see something slightly more matte and more sebum-absorbent in spring 2009. This fall/winter release is called Powder Foundation Moist Touch…maybe the spring/summer 2009 release will be (predictably) called Fresh Touch? We’ll see!

You can read another review of this foundation at Autumn Masquerade.

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bluu martini Friday, January 2, 2009

hi there, i’ve always enjoyed reading your blog!
recently, MAYBELLINE’s mineral makeup range – PURE MINERAL has come to Singapore!

it is highly raved in the US, and i read in the forums that some gals are waiting for it to come to Singapore.

would you have any reviews on the foundation?


Q Saturday, January 3, 2009

is Primavista still using those blue particles?


PJ Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bluu Martini,

Maybelline’s mineral makeup was launched in the UK earlier but I have not tried products from the range yet.

I have reviewed a few mineral makeup ranges, and I personally think mineral makeup has a lot of inherent weaknesses and that there is a lot of room for improvement. In the case of mineral foundations (where most of the problems are), they almost never suit my oily skin. From what I have observed, they tend to suit only those with no issue of dryness or excessive sebum.

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and for your question! :)


PJ Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hi Q,

This is a good question, because it is about the key difference between the two range and I haven’t highlighted it on my blog. (I will explain why below.)

As far as I know, Primavista is not using the blue-toned particles. Instead, it is using “face-lamp powder”. It is claimed to soften and brighten the appearance of the skin. The reason why I haven’t highlighted it is that, unlike the blue-based particles, whose effect I could perceived, I didn’t really see what the face-lamp powder is doing to my skin. Also, the glowy (and almost shiny) finish of the foundation is almost exactly the same as that of the later editions of Raycious (which I didn’t buy because of the overly glowy finish).

I hope my answer helps, and thank you for stopping by again! :)


Jen Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hi PJ! :)

I am torn between Prima Vista & that of Coffret D’or and hope you can help! I am in Japan for a short trip (leaving in 2 days) and would like to buy a foundation powder!

I am currently using ZA (23) but find that the finish looks too cakey in the morning & the coverage on my nose (with open pores) not sufficient. I dust it with a kabuki brush on the cheeks but use the sponge for more coverage around the nose (I have horrible blackhead/pores there!). I do not currently use a makeup base, and only use a white-base sunblock before powder.

My skin type is oily on the forehead & nose, and dry on the cheeks! Pores appear on the nose, and a little on the cheeks.

I am looking for a radiant /dewy finish rather than a cakey finish but yet, would also demand some coverage on the nose area & sebum control as well. Basically, I want to look like I have good skin naturally ha-ha!

Which would you recommend (I have read your stand on Prima Vista & also your raves on Coffret D’or) for someone who wants radiance & also to perform well in coverage area?

Would this combination (Prima Vista + Lavshuca face powder) help create the balance I am looking for then?

I have also bought Prima Vista moisture coat base & Kanebo Freshel BB cream which I intend to use to even out the pores/redness before the powder.



PJ Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hi Jen,

Between Primavista (Powder Foundation Moist Touch) and Coffret D’Or (Beauty Lasting Pact UV, which I don’t think is available anymore), I would definitely recommend Powder Foundation Moist Touch. (Beauty Lasting Pact UV has less coverage and is more matte than ZA Two-Way Foundation.) I think it should work well for you with Lavshuca’s Finish Powder.

Considering what you want from a powder foundation (particularly in terms of coverage and finish), I would also recommend Lunasol’s Skin Fusing Powder Foundation and SUQQU’s Powder Foundation Fresh. Here are my thoughts on them if you would like to have a look:

Both have more coverage and a more radiant/dewy finish than ZA Two-Way Foundation. Between the two, Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation has better pore coverage. In terms of shine control, neither really does it for me (my face is generally oily all over), but I think they should work decently well for you. (Between the two, SUQQU Powder Foundation Fresh has slightly better shine control.)

(A note on SUQQU Powder Foundation Fresh: I think technically this item was discontinued in September. However, I am guessing you might still be able to see it at SUQQU counters because, firstly, I think the discontinued items are being phased out gradually, and, secondly, the revamped lineup of foundations doesn’t feature a powder foundation. (I’d imagine there will be one in the spring.))

I hope my answer will help! Enjoy the rest of your trip, and let me know which one(s) you decide to go for and your thoughts on it/them.

Thank you very much for your question! :)


Jen Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hi PJ! :)

I got up early to check this post before leaving the hotel & was happy to see that you have replied! Thank you for taking the time to do so, it is very reassuring for me to see your advice! :) THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!

I wil go check out Lunasol & SUQQU today @ Matsu Kiyo (if can be found) — although the last itsy bit concern is that they are more departmental brands than drugstore & prices seem to be high (did a comparison online for prices vs Primavista). Nevertheless, I will go check out & have them do a test. I will definitely look at Lavshuca (although that would mean I now add one more step to my makeup routine – I am a lazy girl & would usually fall into a fuss-free routine after the initial excitement of trying new products die down, and stick to sunblock, powder & that’s it!. I have now added a makeup base/BB cream step before my powder (just bought in Japan) because I now find my pores an eyesore!)

If my budget is along the lines of ZA (primarily because I am using that now & have gotten used to very sensible pricing & because I have already burnt a hole in my pocket at Matsu Kiyo in Japan haha!), which brand would you recommend?

A side question, are you familiar with Jap skincare because it seems that your area of interest is more on Jap makeup rather than skincare :)


PJ Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hi Jen,

Like you, I don’t like very complicated daytime routines. Usually, after cleansing and toning, I use a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen and then the ZA foundation. (I very rarely use primers or concealers.) Sometimes I use a pressed/loose powder to set the foundation, but not always.

I am not sure if you have tried Majolica Majorca’s Skin Remaker Pore Cover. I have used Skin Remake Compact, which is a previous version. It is somewhat similar to the Lunasol & SUQQU foundations that I mentioned but unfortunately it is discontinued.

Here is the post for your reference:

Do have a look at Skin Remaker Pore Cover. Hopefully it is a similar product to the version I tried, in which case it might appeal to you.

Indeed, I am generally more interested in Japanese makeup than Japanese skincare. One of the reasons is that I try to use skincare items that I can buy locally (within the UK) so I don’t have to worry about stocking up my favorite items. Another reason is that many Japanese skincare products contain alcohol and they can easily irritate my skin.

But there are still a couple of Japanese skincare lines that I really like. If you have time, have a look at the skincare products from Ayura and Kanebo’s Freeplus. Shiseido’s d Program could be worth looking into as well.

My post on Freeplus:

Have a good day today! Let me know how you get on with the foundations. :)


Jen Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hi PJ,

I bought something from Coffret D’or as well – don’t understand the Jap name but it says “LP Pact” and according to staff, is the newer version of the Beauty Lasting UV Pact so I got it anyway :( It’s slightly more expensive than Primavista but decided to get it anyway so I can compare both brands. Cost about 45 USD which is much more than a ZA powder but no harm trying! If it turns out that ZA is still the one for me, at least I’ve tried Japanese foundations & know what they offer :) If I like them enough, I will have to wreck my brains to get them (ichibankao is much more expensive if not mistaken I did a quick price check)! :)

I also bought Lavshuca Finish Powder in Lucent after your recommendation! :) I don’t usually use (in fact have never used any until I saw your recommendation). I tried Kiss too, Kiss is much smoother on the face but I bought Lavshuca anyway for now :)

A quick question on the Lavshuca Finish Powder – I usually touch up with ZA after lunch / blotting. With the Finish powder, does it mean I no longer have to touch up with foundation or is it blot + foundation + finish powder? Also, does a white-base loose powder make you look more “ghostly” than a skintone-colored one? Just concerned that with all the powders, my face is going to look much fairer than my neck/in photos!

I will look into MM again but this brand is available in my country so I will not rush into that!

Thank you so much for your help :) I would be standing clueless in Matsu Kiyo if not for your recommendations! :)


PJ Monday, December 6, 2010

Hi Jen,

You are very welcome. I am glad I could help! :)

I assume LP Pact is Lasting Power Pact UV, which is indeed the newer version of Beauty Lasting Pact UV:

Apart from Ichibankao, I also shop from Adam Beauty ( Have a look at the website to compare the prices if you would like to.

What I personally like about using a loose powder after a powder foundation is that my face stays shine-free for a little bit longer and the pores look more disguised. Also, the foundation lasts longer after repeated blotting.

I only blot during the day and I don’t touch up. In your case, try touching up with either the powder foundation or the loose powder and see how it goes.

Most off-white-toned loose/pressed powders from Japanese brands are quite sheer so I don’t usually worry about them. There are some that look slightly more white-ish than others, but the look is generally translucent and natural.

Hope the Coffret D’Or foundation and the Lavshuca loose powder work well for you! :)


Stephanie Monday, January 16, 2012


You said you were #22 in ZA powder foundation and that the ochre 05 was a good match, was it lighter OR darker than #22 in ZA powder foundations?

I’m wanting to buy it and I am also a #22 in Za foundations, but i figured ochre 03 would be a good choice what is your opinion? did ochre 05 get darker as you wore it through the day or stay the same?

Also what is your MAC shade? I would really appreciate your help :)

Thankyou! also great post ^^


PJ Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi Stephanie,

As far as I remember, Ochre 05 is a little lighter than ZA 22 and it didn’t get darker overtime. Ochre 03, which is the shade on the left of the sample, is very slightly too light for me.

Regarding my MAC shade, please have a look at my FAQ page:

Thank you very much for your questions! :)


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