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by PJ on Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Two years ago, I wrote about Dove’s Body Silk (in my Can’t Live Without series), which is one of my favorite body moisturizers. (I am still using it.) Today I am reviewing three of Dove’s other body moisturizers.

The Supreme Silk Beauty Body Lotion (pictured above) is from the same range as the Body Silk, and it feels lighter than the Body Silk. It has a light lotion consistency and it spreads very easily. It is nicely absorbed and hydrates the skin well.

It contains mica, which gives a bit of shimmer to the skin. I don’t usually like body moisturizers that have a “makeup” element, but the shimmer from this product is quite faint and subtle.

The Intensive Lotion for Extra Dry Skin has a light-cream consistency. It is more or less as easily spreadable as the Supreme Silk Beauty Body Lotion. But, after it is absorbed, it feels a lot more emollient on the skin. (It doesn’t feel too heavy or sticky.)

When the Pro.Age Body Cream Oil is dispensed onto the hands, it has a creamy lotion consistency that is not too different from that of many other body moisturizers. But when I spread it onto the skin, I can really feel how richly emollient it is. It may look somewhat runny, but it spreads almost like a thick body butter. It is by far the most emollient of the three.

Paraffinum Liquidum (mineral oil) is third on the ingredient list, which might be one of the reasons why this feels so emollient on the skin.

Among the three, the Supreme Silk Beauty Body Lotion appeals to me the most (although I would prefer a version without mica). It feels the lightest on the skin but it is still very hydrating. (On a related note, it is the only one among these three that doesn’t contain mineral oil.) I think it should suit most people with normal or normal-to-dry skin on the body.

The Intensive Lotion for Extra Dry Skin, I think, is indeed for people with very dry skin. Most people might find it more suitable when the weather is particularly cold and dry. As for the Pro.Age Body Cream Oil, which works more like a body butter, I think it is more ideal for the very dry patches of the body, as it can be too oily to be used all over the body (unless your skin is exceptionally dry).

Next month, I will review Dove’s Body Butter for Extra Dry Skin and Pro.Age Rich Body Butter and I will compare them with the three products reviewed above.

(The products featured in this review are provided by Dove.)

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