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by PJ on Monday, October 11, 2010

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Kanebo Lunasol Aurorized Eyes 02 Light Variation Fall 2010 Makeup 1


Even though Lunasol is among my favorite makeup brands, I had not picked up any new item since spring 2009 (Layer Bloom Eyes in Purple Gradation). I had been looking for a neutral-toned eye palette with light neutrals (that do not create shadow or depth for the eyes) and Aurorize Eyes in 02 Light Variation from Lunasol’s fall 2010 makeup collection appealed to me. Also, I had wanted a neutral palette from Lunasol for quite some time and I decided that Light Variation was the one to go for.

There is quite a lot of excitement among Lunasol fans about Aurorize Eyes partly because it is reminiscent of Lunasol’s Geminate Eyes back in fall 2007. (Lunasol’s eye palettes usually feature four colors, and Geminate Eyes was the last eye palette series featuring five colors in each variation. This makes Aurorize Eyes a long-awaited sequel.) Also, many of those who like Geminate Eyes look forward to the shimmery finishes of the shades.

The five shades in Light Variation are (clock-wise from bottom-left):

cream yellow, softly pigmented, shimmery
light neutral beige, softly pigmented, shimmery
light peachy pink, softly pigmented, shimmery
dark brown, pigmented, subtly shimmery
off-white with pink and lilac undertones, softly pigmented, sparkly

(The shimmer in each shade is multi-colored.)


Kanebo Lunasol Aurorized Eyes 02 Light Variation Fall 2010 Makeup 2


I like the complex finishes of the cream yellow, light beige and peachy pink. They are shimmery, sparkly, mildly iridescent and very subtly metallic all at the same time. Lunasol is known for using a large variety of light-reflective particles in its eyeshadows to create a flattering multi-dimensional finish and this palette is another good example. (But, if I am being very picky, I would prefer the finishes of these three shades to be a little more pearly and without iridescence.) The off-white is more sparkly than the other shades. I do like it and I don’t think it is too glittery.

According to the application instructions (printed inside the outer box), the cream yellow is applied as a base all the way to the brow bones, the light beige all over the upper eyelids, the peachy pink on the lower half of the upper eyelids, the dark brown along the upper lashlines, and the off-white in the middle of the upper eyelids to add additional dimension. Also, the cream yellow is applied along the inner 2/3 of the lower lashlines and the dark brown is applied along the outer 1/3.

(The off-white can look too sparkly for daytime when it is applied according to the instructions. Alternatively, it can be very gently swept across the eyelids to add a soft veil of sparkles to the eyes.)

What I really like about this palette is that I can easily create a dimensional look with just two colors. All I need is to pick one shade among the cream yellow, light beige and peachy pink, apply it over the eyelids, and line the upper lashlines with the dark brown. Because of the complex finishes of the three shades, wearing just one of them creates sufficient dimension and it looks almost as if a few different eyeshadows were layered.

However I use the palette, the overall look is fresh and vibrant and the eyes look naturally and effectively defined.

The shade I like the most in this palette is the light beige. It is the shade I looked forward to trying the most, and it didn’t disappoint me. It has the right amount of warmth for my complexion. It is not a cool taupe, which wouldn’t suit me, and it has a touch of warmth without a red or bronze undertone. (It does have a slight peachy pink iridescence.)

I am very impressed by the staying power of the colors. Because of the amount of shimmer, I was unsure whether there would be a lot of fallout and whether the colors and the finishes would last. But there is virtually no fallout throughout the day and the fresh look stays for hours. (I don’t wear an eyeshadow primer.)

Overall I am very happy with this palette, which does capture the ethereal quality and the multi-hued nuances of the aurora.  Even though Sheer Contrast Eyes in Lavender Coral sill remains my favorite palette from Lunasol, Light Variation is certainly one of my favorite neutral-toned palettes. Without a doubt, Lunasol is still a brand worth getting excited about.


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