Dior’s Ultra-Exclusive Palette Lady Dior

by PJ on Friday, June 3, 2011

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Dior Palette Lady Dior Summer Fall 2011 1(image/info from www.dior.com)


Dior will be releasing Palette Lady Dior as an ultra-exclusive item (as with the Tailleur Bar Palette and the Mitzah Palette Set). It is inspired by the new Tweed and Crocodile Lady Dior Bag, one of the latest editions of the iconic Lady Dior bag from Spring/Summer 2011.


Dior Tweed and Crocodile Lady Dior Bag Spring Summer 2011 1(Tweed and Crocodile Lady Dior Bag)
(image from www.diorcouture.com)


Even though I adore the style of the Lady Dior bag, I am not overly keen on the tweed version or the palette itself. (I think I prefer my own Lady Dior from spring 2009.) But…who knows…maybe I will change my mind about the palette if I have a chance to see it in person……


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