Kanebo Twany Milano Collection 2013 (for Holiday 2012)

by PJ on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Kanebo Twany Milano Collection 2013 Holiday 2012 Base Makeup Fragrance 1(image/info from cosmetics-medical.com/mcs/)


Kanebo will release its pre-order-only Twany Milano Collection 2013 for the holiday 2012 season in Japan in November/December. The collection includes:

– Twany Milano Collection 2013 (face powder, 1 shade, ¥12600, ¥21000 with an extra refill)

Pre-order period: from now to September 16th
Release date: December 16th

– Twany Milano Collection Eau de Parfum 2013 (¥10500)

Pre-order period: from now to August 16th
Release date: November 16th

This year, botanical extracts used in Kanebo’s Twany line are featured in the Milano Collection so the collection this time is called Twany Milano Collection (not the usual Milano Collection).

You can see all the previous designs of the Milano Collection face powders here.

Please note that this is a pre-order-only collection. Milano Collections are only officially available in Japan and the best way to secure your items is to place your order at a Kanebo retail point in Japan. (Please also note that the release dates are collection dates, not dates when the products will be available for sale.)


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