Sweets Sweets Spring 2016 Makeup Collection & Spring/ Summer 2016 Base Makeup Collection

by PJ on Saturday, March 5, 2016

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Sweets Sweets Spring 2016 Makeup 1

(image from www.cosme.net)
(info from www.sweets-sweets.com,
www.cosme.net & i-voce.jp)


Sweets Sweets is a Japanese drugstore makeup line that has been around for at least ten years. About three years ago, the line started to release products with a girlier and slightly more ornate style of packaging. I just purchased my first item from the line a couple of months ago, and, after that, some of the line’s upcoming releases also caught my attention.

Sweets Sweets is owned by Chantilly, which is under the IDA Group. Currently, it carries base makeup, point makeup and nail items. (Chantilly also owns other beauty lines, such as Ducato (nail colors) and Rosy Rosa (beauty tools). Also under the IDA Group are Cezanne and IDA Laboratories Co., Ltd., which owns Canmake.)

Highlights from the line’s spring 2016 makeup collection include:

– Premium Chocolat Cheeks (above & below, 4 variations (01 Mix Chocolat Cake pictured above), ¥1200, to be released in Japan on March 10th)

Sweets Sweets Spring 2016 Makeup 2

(02 Rose Chocolat Cake)
(images from www.cosme.net)


Sweets Sweets Spring 2016 Makeup 3

(03 Peach Chocolat Cake)


Sweets Sweets Spring 2016 Makeup 4

(04 Orange Chocolat Cake)


– Fruit Tint Serum (3 shades, ¥950, to be released in Japan on April 11th)

Sweets Sweets Spring 2016 Makeup 5

(01 Red Apple)
(images from i-voce.jp)


Sweets Sweets Spring 2016 Makeup 6

(02 Navel Orange)


Sweets Sweets Spring 2016 Makeup 7

(03 Strawberry Milk)


The collection also includes Premium Gateau Shadow (1 new variation (in 06 Peach Crunch Bar), ¥1200, to be released in Japan on March 10th) and Silky Chiffon Cheeks (1 new shade (in 07 Apricot Chiffon), ¥900). (The release date of Silky Chiffon Cheeks in 07 Apricot Chiffon is March 10th according to www.cosme.net and April 11th according to i-voce.jp.)


On March 10th, the line will also release its spring/summer 2016 base makeup collection. The collection includes:

– Premium Chocolat Highlighter (1 variation, ¥1200)

Sweets Sweets Spring Summer 2016 Base Makeup 8

(01 White Berry Chocolat)
(images from www.cosme.net)


– Premium Chocolat Shading (1 variation, ¥1200)

Sweets Sweets Spring Summer 2016 Base Makeup 9

(01 Reddish Chocolat)


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Catya Sunday, March 6, 2016

These are so darling! I’ve made a concerted effort to not buy as much drugstore makeup to cut down the volume of my purchases to focus on buying HE but that highlighter and blushers are calling my name. Will you be doing a review on the item you bought?


PJ Monday, March 7, 2016

Hi Catya,

I know what you mean. It can be easy for me to get a little carried away with drugstore makeup lines, but I do like the look of the blushers.

I will certainly write about my first Sweets Sweets purchase. However, I am afraid I don’t know exactly when the post will be up at the moment as there are some other blushers that I am planning to review. There will be a category for Sweets Sweets on the left sidebar when the post is up, so hopefully it will be easy for you to find it later on. I hope you will enjoy reading the review! :)

Thank you very much for posting your comment! :)


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