Integrate Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

by PJ on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Shiseido Integrate Summer 2016 Makeup 1

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Shiseido Integrate will release its summer 2016 makeup collection in Japan on June 21st. The collection includes (from left):

  • Beauty Trick Eyebrow (2 variations (in BR631 & BR731))
  • Eyebrow Pencil N (repackaged version of Eyebrow Pencil, 3 existing shades & 1 new shade (in BR641, BR741, GY941 (existing shades) & BR666 (new shade)))
  • Gloss Eyebrow Mascara (1 shade (in 60 Terracotta Shiny), limited edition)
  • Nudy Grade Eyes (1 new variation (in OR366 Sunset Palette), limited edition)
  • Snipe Gel Liner (eyeliner, 1 new shade (in 50 Shiny Sunset), limited edition)
  • Gel Drop Nail (nail color & topcoat, 5 shades (in PK2, OR2, YE2, BL2 & GD2), limited editions)

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