Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup, Base Makeup & Skincare Collection

by PJ on Monday, April 3, 2017

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Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup 1

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Kanebo Lunasol will release its summer 2017 makeup, base makeup and skincare collection in Japan on May 12th. The collection includes:

– Sunny Summer Eyes (2 variations (EX01 Spicy Sunny Collection above), limited editions, ¥5000)

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup 2

(EX02 Cool Sunny Collection)


– Noble Shade Liner (2 new shades (in EX05 Sunny Brown & EX06 Violet Navy), limited editions, ¥2800)

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup 3

(EX05 Sunny Brown)


– Modeling Sunny Face & Blush (1 variation, limited edition, refill ¥3000, case (without brush) ¥1500, brush ¥1000)

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup 4

(EX01 Sunny Coral)


– Sheer Light Gloss (2 new shades (in EX04 Sunny Red & EX05 Sunny Brown), limited editions, ¥2500)

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup 5

(EX04 Sunny Red)


– Color Glow Balm (eyeshadow, blusher & lip color, 5 shades (in EX01 Shiny Beige, EX02 Spicy Red, EX03 Sunny Brown, EX04 Violet Pink & EX05 Cassis Mauve), SPF 10, PA+, limited editions, ¥2500)

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup 6


Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup 7


– Nail Finish N (3 new shades (in EX59 Sunny Glitter, EX60 Sunny Red & EX61 Sunny Brown), limited editions, ¥1500)

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup 8

(EX61 Sunny Brown)


– Fresh Color Base (foundation primer, 1 shade, SPF 25, PA++, 30ml, limited edition, ¥3500)

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Base Makeup 9

(EX01 Sunny Coral)


– Skin Control Mist N (Summer Spice) (50ml, limited edition, ¥2200)

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Skincare 91


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Catya Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this collection at first but then I saw posts in Instagram and started to like it a lot more! I definitely want Spicy Sunny and possibly Cool Sunny depending on swatches. The Color Glow Balms look intriguing, I wonder how long they wear as a cream blusher. I’ll probably try at least one shade.


PJ Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hi Catya,

Although the shades of the two eyeshadow palettes don’t really suit me, I like the fact that Lunasol will once again release one palette with tone-on-tone neutrals and one palette with neutrals and a blue shade for its summer collection. They remind me of some of the really lovely eyeshadow palettes from Lunasol’s past summer collections. (I wish I had purchased a couple of those palettes.)

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts again! :)


Catya Friday, April 7, 2017

Lunasol is if nothing else reliable! Will you be trying anything from collection? Which summer collections did you miss out on?


PJ Monday, April 10, 2017

Hi Catya,

At the moment, I am not planning to try anything from the collection. (Maybe I will change my mind after seeing more photos……)

I really like Lunasol’s summer 2010 makeup collection ( I think both eyeshadow palettes from the collection (Nature Color Eyes in EX01 Nature Summer Blue and EX02 Nature Summer Beige) are really beautiful. I do wish I had purchased at least one of them.

I also like Lunasol’s summer 2008 makeup collection ( Sheer Contrast Eyes in EX02 Bronze Coral still looks very appealing to me.


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