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Ever since Pidite was launched in 2015, I have been interested in the line. The style of packaging instantly grabbed my attention, and then I decided to try a product or two from the line. It seems that some of you are interested in the line as well, and today I will be sharing my thoughts on Clear Smooth Powder.


PDC Pidite Clear Smooth Powder Fall Winter 2015 Base Makeup 2


PDC Pidite Clear Smooth Powder (PDC ピディット クリアスムースパウダー/ PDC Pidite 遮瑕防曬蜜粉餅, SPF 22, PA+++, 27g, ¥1600) was released in Japan in fall/winter 2015 (as the line’s first item). The product is designed to be used both as a foundation and as a setting powder. One shade (in Natural Clear Beige) was released at the time, and this is the shade I have. The line released a lighter and more pink-toned shade (in Light Clear Beige) in fall/winter 2016.

(The product comes with a powder puff. When I tested the product as a setting powder, I used the powder puff to apply it. However, when I tested it as a foundation, I used the foundation sponge from ZA’s Skin Beauty Two-Way Foundation to apply it. One of the reasons is that I wanted to see how it performed as a foundation without the applicator as a variable. Also, I didn’t think I would be able to get to the harder-to-reach corners when I applied it as a foundation with the relatively thick and fluffy powder puff.)

Natural Clear Beige is a light-to-medium yellow-toned beige. I find the shade to be slightly too dark for my (light-to-medium) skin tone and slightly too yellow-toned for my skin tone. I can understand why the line released a lighter and more pink-toned shade later on.

As a foundation, the product creates a light-to-medium coverage that is (just about) sufficient for me. (I generally prefer foundations that offer slightly more coverage.) It has a matte finish without any shimmer, which appeals to me. It offers decent pore coverage, and it has reasonably satisfactory oil-control efficacy. It has a decent lasting power but it is not as long-lasting as some of the other powder-based foundations I have tried. There is only minimal darkening overtime, but there are some fading and some patchiness (particularly on the nose) towards the end of wear.

As a setting powder, it creates a polished matte finish. It creates additional coverage and additional pore coverage over the foundation, and it delays the appearance of shine quite successfully. It also helps the foundation last a little longer. One issue is that it does slightly alter (cover) the color of the foundation. This is not ideal for me since, as I mentioned above, the color of the powder doesn’t match my skin tone particularly well.

The product has a fairly pronounced floral scent, which fades away soon after application. The scent is pleasant, but it could be on the heavy side for some people during application.

The product comes in a tin jar and with a powder puff. A plastic sheet separates the powder and the puff. The hair of the puff is shorter than that of many powder puffs I have come across for applying loose powder, but it loads and dispenses the powder very evenly to set the foundation.


PDC Pidite Clear Smooth Powder Fall Winter 2015 Base Makeup 3


I like the design of the case. The flower and butterfly motifs in a hand-drawn style with mostly soft hues have a soothing quality. The design as a whole looks cute and colorful without looking too juvenile.

Personally, I prefer using the product as a setting powder as it offers what I usually want from a setting powder (pore coverage, oil control efficacy and the ability to make the foundation last longer). The issue with the color of the powder affects me less when I use the product as a setting powder since I only need to apply a light layer to get the polished matte look I want.


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