SUQQU Designing Color Eyes in 07 Hisuikou (Fall 2017)

by PJ on Saturday, November 25, 2017

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SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 07 Hisuikou Fall 2017 Makeup 1


SUQQU‘s fall 2017 makeup collection features three new variations of Designing Color Eyes. As I wasn’t keen on red-toned eyeshadows, I didn’t consider getting 06 or 107. I decided to go for 07 Hisuikou after testing it at the counter and after a few weeks of deliberation.


SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 07 Hisuikou Fall 2017 Makeup 2


SUQQU Designing Color Eyes in 07 Hisuikou (スック デザイニング カラー アイズ 07 翡翠光/ SUQQU 晶采立體眼彩盤 07 翡翠光, ¥6800 in Japan, £46 in the UK) features four shades. They are:

  • cream white, very lightly pigmented, with high-toned pearly shimmer
  • amber beige, lightly-to-moderately (towards moderately) pigmented, with pearly shimmer
  • turquoise blue, lightly-to-moderately (towards moderately) pigmented, satiny with subtle pearly shimmer
  • charcoal black, moderately-to-intensely (towards intensely) pigmented, velvety with a subtle pearly glow

All the four shades in this palette have multi-hued light-reflective particles. They are all easy to apply and blend. The cream white, the amber beige and the turquoise blue have a good staying power. (There is minor shimmer fallout (which doesn’t look too obvious) during the course of wear (when I wear all three of them at the same time).) There are issues with the staying power of the charcoal black, and I will talk about them below.


SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 07 Hisuikou Fall 2017 Makeup 3


The cream white contains mostly shimmer and doesn’t have a lot of pigment. It works fairly well for me as a base shade, but I suspect some people might think it is too shimmery as a base shade. (Also, it can look considerably more shimmery under some artificial lightings.)

The amber beige is a very wearable shade for me. It is dark enough to create natural-looking shadows on me. Also, it has subtle gold and bronze tones that suit my warm-toned complexion, and it doesn’t look too yellow-toned or too orange-toned. (Like the cream white, it can look considerably more shimmery under some artificial lightings.)


SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 07 Hisuikou Fall 2017 Makeup 4


The turquoise blue is the star of the palette for me. What I like the most about this shade is that, unlike some of the other similar shades I have come across, it does not have a green overtone. As this shade is not intensely pigmented, layering is needed to achieve a bold and color-saturated look (which you see in SUQQU’s promotional image for fall 2017). (To layer this shade more efficiently, I use the sponge applicator that comes with the product.) On me, the shade can show up as a blue-toned teal, which I also like very much. If you want the blue tone of the shade to maintain its clarity on the eyes, don’t layer the shade on top of the amber beige. (The earthy tone of the amber beige can make the turquoise blue look dull while the yellow undertone of the amber beige can turn the turquoise blue a little green-ish.)

The charcoal black is certainly dark enough to work as an eyelining shade. However, I have a few issues with it. There are a little bit of fallout during applications and some creasing towards the end of wear, but I don’t mind these relatively minor issues too much. What does bother me is that the color transfers to my lower lash lines and lower eyelids over the course of wear. (I very rarely line my lower lash lines with a dark color.) The transfers look very obvious (especially in the inner and the outer corners of the eyes) and they make the shade almost unusable. (I have tried drawing fairly thin lines along my upper lash lines with an eyeliner brush, and the color still transfers to my lower eyelids.)

The case of the product features a gold base and a black lid. I personally prefer the all-black cases of the Blend Color Eyeshadow range, and I also prefer the smaller logos on the lids of those cases.

While I like the two main shades in this palette, I find some aspects of this palette quite disappointing. The amber beige suits me very well and is a good everyday eyeshadow shade, and I love the aqua and the teal tones of the turquoise blue. However, I am confounded by the issues with the charcoal black. Without these issues, this could be my favorite eyeshadow palette from SUQQU.

(This palette reminds me of Lunasol’s Nature Color Eyes in EX01 Nature Summer Blue from summer 2010. Even though I certainly don’t regret getting the SUQQU palette, I still wish I had gone for the Lunasol palette at the time.)


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