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by PJ on Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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(Kanebo Coffret D’Or 3D Lighting Eyes)
(image from http://www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/coffretdor)

Kanebo’s new makeup line, Coffret D’Or, was launched on December 16, 2007 in Japan. (The line is also available in Hong Kong and Taiwan as far as I know.) It is replacing the color makeup line T’Estimo and the base makeup line Revue.Upon seeing the first few images from the line a couple of months ago, I was not very enthusiastic. I thought the packaging was not particularly outstanding and the range of shades was not immensely imaginative.

However, as I saw more and more sneak-peek photos of the collection, Coffret D’Or’s debut lineup started to grow on me. I decided that I would try something from the line.

In many Japanese brands, I think the eyeshadow palettes play an important part in defining the image of the brand, in terms of both packaging and shade combinations. Their 3D Lighting Eyes in 04 Purple Variation really caught my eye. So there was no question which item I would want to try first.

I like the packaging of the palette. It is like a small gift box wrapped in jeweled ribbons. (Many Japanese brands are able to do cute and elegant at the same time without ever appearing tacky.)

04 Purple Variation faces severe competition with my other lilac-based palettes.

The individual shades deserve a detailed mention. First of all, the upper white strip consists of two finishes. (In the photo, you can see that the left half is slightly whiter than the right half.) The right half is a medium pigmented white with very fine multi-color sparkles. The left half is sheerer and has slightly larger multi-color sparkles. The two parts are meant to be used together
as a base (swept across with a brush or a wide sponge-tip) but they can still be used individually. I think the reason the two halves are packaged like this is to showcase the variation of sizes of sparkles and the multi-dimensional effect that they can create together (the namesake 3D effect, I suppose).

On the second row, from left to right:
— a dusty pink with very smooth shimmer and very fine sparkles (medium pigmented)
— a sheer and very pale blue with mild shimmer and slightly larger multi-color sparkles (not glitters)
— a well-pigmented muted violet with sparse multi-color sparkles

The dusty pink has a very mild warm mauve undertone and the pale blue has a hint of cool pale lilac undertone.

The palette is a joy to use. The texture of the powder is very smooth, the shades go on very easily, and blending is effortless.

What some people like about eyeshadow palettes of some Japanese makeup lines is that there are step-by-step instructions on how to use a palette to create the look that it is designed to create and to achieve the look in the promotional image.

(instructions on the back of the outer packaging)
(Please click on the image to see a larger version)

These instructions are very useful for people who may be wary of using 4 or 5 colors on the eyes at the same time and for people who might not feel comfortable asking sales assistants for application tips.
Before I explored other possibilities, I decided to follow the instructions to see what this palette can do for me. I was very pleased. The main idea of this range of palettes is to use the B shade (please refer to the photo above), which is slightly darker and less sparkling, in the outer 2/3 above the eyes to create subtle shadowing and the C shade (paler and more sparkling) in the inner 1/2 above (which overlaps the B shade) and below the eyes to make them pop.

I put the two photos together so you don’t need to refer back and forth:

The finish look is very soft, natural, and sensual, as the B and C shades are both relatively light. But the palette manages to very effectively enhance the dimension of the eyes. I think the delicate variation in shades, pigmentation, shimmer, and sparkles in this palette is a success. Every single element in this palette is doing something that you can see.

Out of the five promotional looks (modeled by five Japanese actresses as brand ambassadors for the line), I think the look presented by Tokiwa Takako best demonstrates the eye-sculpting effect of this range of eyeshadow palettes:


(Tokiwa Takako for Coffret D’Or)
(image from http://www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/coffretdor)

(Please note that Tokiwa Takako is using the 3D Lighting Eyes in 05 Gold Variation.)

The instructions seem to aim for a fresh and elegant daytime look. For a more intense evening look, smudging the violet shade further (instead of using the shade to simply line the eyes) will add more drama. (I tried that and it worked very well too.)

Overall, I adore this palette and the soft and understated look that it creates. The shimmer is smooth and velvety, and the multi-color sparkles are delicate but vibrant.

If you prefer a lot of impact for the eye makeup, then this range of palettes might not appeal to you as much. But perhaps Coffret D’Or will bring out more intense color combinations later this year. Judging by the quality of this palette, I think it is worth the wait…

Updated on January 28, 2008:

If you are interested, there are reviews of 02 Blue-Green Variation on My Women Stuff and Mostly Make Up.

My other lilac-based palettes, along with a very short comparison (please click on the links for full reviews):

Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes in 04 Gem Amethyst
(The shades are sheerer and there are larger sparkles.)

T’Estimo Frame Impact Eyes in 03

(The lilac shades are cooler and there is a wider range of lighter and darker shades for a more intense look.)

Lavshuca Eye Color Select in PU-2
(This palette from Lavshuca’s fall 2007 collection is overall a slightly darker and warmer version of the Coffret D’Or one.)

Please feel free to leave your comment if you’d like to ask me for more comparisons among these palettes and shades!

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Betsy Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi PJ,

Thank you for such a lovely and comprehensive review! The Coffret D’Or purple has been added to my list of must buys.



ParisB Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hurrah! I can’t wait for mine to arrive :) I ordered Fresh – the blue palette. Will review when I get it.


CC Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am thinking of buying the colour 03 Silver since I think the colour combination looks stylish, but I’ll wait for the seasonal sales to buy.


Charlotte Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Coffret D’Or 3D Lighting Eyes looks amazing! Where can I buy this product in the States?


Ebontien Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kanebo’s replacing T’Estimo?! Oh dear. While I know of very few Japanese brands, I definitely know of T’Estimo from a nail polish (something about the formulation was very well done because the glitter effect was just right) that was given as a gift to me a couple years ago. I have yet to find a site that sells the entire make-up range online so I was hoping my next trip to Japan, I would be able to get a couple of the palettes that had caught my eye. Oh well.

I’m not exactly thrilled with this new line because it’s replacing T’Estimo but I do hope they put out something like the two palettes that I had been looking forward to.

Thanks for the update!


PJ Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi Betsy,

You are welcome, and thank you very much for reading the post!

I really hope you will like this palette as much as I do. Do let me know what you think later! :)


PJ Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi Paris,

I believe the Blue-Green one is a very popular choice. The colors in this palette also look very wearable.

I look forward to reading your review!

Thank you for leaving your comment and for linking to this post from your blog! :)


PJ Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hello CC,

It seems that 03 Silver is the only one that is not a tone-on-tone palette and it does have a nice edge to it. But again, the shades still seem very easy to wear and I think it is a lovely-looking palette.

Do let me know what you think if you do pick it up later on.

Thank you for leaving your comment again! :)


PJ Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi Charlotte,

One of the sites you can buy Coffret D’Or items from is Adam Beauty (http://www.adambeauty.com/).

It is based in Hong Kong. It takes PayPal and ships internationally.

The price under each item includes the international shipping cost. All you need to pay on top of each order is a 2 USD registered mail charge.

Another site I’d suggest is Ichibankao (ichibankao.com). The seller is based in Japan. The site also takes PayPal and ships internationally.

Happy browsing! Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any other question. (The e-mail icon is near the top of the blog.)

Thank you very much for reading my blog! :)


PJ Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hi Ebontien,

A lot of people were not happy when they found that T’Estimo and Revue were going to be discontinued. But, judging from some of the initial reactions with the debut lineup, it seems that many people are happy with Coffret D’Or, both with the brand image and the quality of the products. (Apart from the eyeshadow palettes, their lipsticks are selling very well too.)

I think it is quite possible that Coffret D’Or will come up with palettes similar to what had caught your eye, since Coffret D’Or is similar to T’Estimo in the sense that it is mostly about wearable shades that are suitable for any occasion, day in and day out. (I think this is partly why T’Estimo had a large following, from young people who have just started to be interested in makeup to people with professional jobs, because it is hard to get things wrong with their products..)

There are two sites where you can purchase Japanese cosmetics that I am not sure whether you know. (Please refer to the comment I left for Charlotte right above.) Adam Beauty still carries some T’Estimo eyeshadow palettes. If you see something you like, I’d probably suggest that you consider getting it.

Also, one thing that might be worth knowing is that, with T’Estimo, what I remember is that there seemed to be very few really permanent items. For example, when a new range of eyeshadow palettes came out (usually in spring), the range released either in the previous spring or two springs ago would be slowly phased out.

(As you know, this is very different from most western brands which usually simply come up with several new shades or palettes for each season.)

I know some customers don’t like this, because they feel that they need to stock up if they really like something. Also, they feel that they don’t really have that much time to make a decision. I do agree with them, but I guess it is T’Estimo’s way to keep all aspects of their lineup fresh and up-to-date in a limited counter space. (T’Estimo was simply a color makeup line sold at the Kanebo counter. So is Coffret D’Or.)

I expect the way Coffret D’Or operates in terms of lineup renewal to be the same with T’Estimo…

Thank you for posting your comment again!


rocketqueen Thursday, January 17, 2008

I can’t possibly express how much I’m loveing all your explanations and photos of the Asian beauty products which for pretty much is a new area! Love it, and that lilac palette is just too nice!


cosine Thursday, January 17, 2008

OMG OMG OMG!!! I bought this palette in the very same colour when I was in Japan in December as well! I love this palette LIKE MAD!!! I love the brushes – they gave 2 dual ended brushes for each separate type of shadow… thats just ingenius! And the most fabulous part is of course the pigmentation level! However I still feel quite disappointed about T’estimo being replaced… maybe because its a habitual thing? I still prefer T’estimo…


Gloria Thursday, January 17, 2008

I think I’m in love (yet again). I love pinks and purples, and almost always get compliments when I wear those colors.

But I’ve placed myself on a make up buying ban until.. I don’t know… =D

And like cosine, I’m a bit disappointed about the loss of T’estimo since I was just introduced to the brand, and I LOVE my T’estimo eyeshadows.


PJ Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hi Rocketqueen,

Thank you very much for your kind words!

I have always been enjoying writing about Japanese makeup items. There are so many lovely products and most of my favorite makeup brands are Japanese ones.

I make a point of writing about them regularly, so do please check back every now and then!

Thank you for posting your comment again! :)


PJ Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hi Cosine,

I am so glad you are loving this palette as well! :)

I agree with you that the brushes that come with the palette are very nice to use. I don’t need to use other brushes to get a great finish. They are very soft and they are very useful in layering and blending.

(I was going to mention the brushes in the post, but, as you can see, the post was getting a bit long…)

It is still early days and I am sure many people are still missing T’Estimo. Let’s give it a few more seasons and see how Coffret D’Or can win over more people…:)

Thank you for sending your comment again! :)


PJ Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hi Gloria,

I like pinks and purples as well… They suit me and I love these two elegant and feminine colors.

Sometimes, I think of the discontinuation of T’Estimo simply as a change of name from T’Estimo to Coffret D’Or. I think, with T’Estimo, the packaging already changed so constantly from year to year. With this move from Kanebo, some can argue that the only extra dimension is the change of the name (and the fact that the line now carries base makeup items).

So do enjoy Coffret D’Or like you enjoyed T’Estimo. Remember…they have the same Kanebo blood…

Thank you for leaving your comment again! :)


fashionasia Monday, January 28, 2008

i love the gold ones……..but i do feel that the price is too steep…


PJ Monday, January 28, 2008

Hi Fashionasia,

The gold palette does look very nice and I think it might suit me very well as well.

Compared with other Kanebo budget lines like Lavshuca and Kate, Coffret D’Or is indeed more expensive. Plus, in Japan, drugstores are not offering discounts on Coffret D’Or like they did with T’Estimo. But I’d still say that, for me, the value for money is fairly good. It is nice to get five shades (four, if you count the top two shades as one) of beautiful and wearable colors at this price…

If you would like to try a similar version of this, I think Lavshuca’s Eye Color Select in PU-2 is very good too and it is a slightly warmer version of this Coffret D’Or palette.

Thank you very much for leaving your comment! :)


Anonymous Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hi Pj and all

Can someone pls tell me where can i buy these eyeshadow palettes, kanebo coffret d’or lippie and eyeliner??? I am base in London.



PJ Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hi VC,

Thank you for your question!

There are many websites where you can purchase items from Japanese cosmetics brands including Coffret D’Or. Two websites I have shopped from that I’d recommend are Adam Beauty (www.adambeauty.com), based in Hong Kong, and Ichibankao (ichibankao.com), based in Japan.

Both accept Paypal and have consistently good service.

Enjoy browsing! :)

Let me know if you have any other question, and thank you for visiting my blog! :)


Nene Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hi PJ,

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I like the colours of Kanebo, Maquillage and Jill Stuart especially pink and purple shades. These palettes make me would love to try it on. I think Japanese brands would be my first target for my eyes coz they’re really friendly with an amateur likes me. Again, I really enjoy reading your blog:)

Take care,


PJ Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hi Nene,

Good to hear from you again! :)

I think eyeshadow palettes from brands like Coffret D’Or and Maquillage are quite good for people who are beginning to try applying eyeshadows. The shades in the palettes are usually well-coordinated and the finish is natural and pretty. Plus there are instructions as I mentioned.

If you do decide to try some eyeshadow palettes from Japanese brands, do let me know what you think.

Thank you for stopping by again! :)


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