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by PJ on Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Kose Visee Blend Color Cheeks PK-5 Fall 2013 Makeup 1


Kosé Visée began a major revamp in fall 2013. I reviewed Glossy Rich Eyes in BR-5 from the line’s fall 2013 makeup collection last year, and today I will be sharing my thoughts on Blend Color Cheeks in PK-5 from the same collection.


Kose Visee Blend Color Cheeks PK-5 Fall 2013 Makeup 2


Kosé Visée Blend Color Cheeks in PK-5 (コーセー ヴィセ ブレンドカラーチークス PK-5/ 高絲 Visée 絲柔幻色頰彩 PK-5 甜蜜粉紅, ¥1500) is one of the eight variations of the product. As far as I remember, all the variations feature velvety matte shades with no visible shimmer.


Kose Visee Blend Color Cheeks PK-5 Fall 2013 Makeup 3


The four shades in PK-5 are:

  • off-white pink, lightly pigmented, velvety matte
  • medium-depth medium-to-cool pink, moderately pigmented, velvety matte
  • light-to-medium cool pink, moderately pigmented, velvety matte
  • light beige, lightly pigmented, velvety matte

All the four shades have a smooth texture and are easy to apply and blend. The staying power of the two main blusher shades is good.

Both the medium-to-cool pink and the cool pink work well for me on their own (without looking too similar to each other). The light beige can be a very subtle contouring shade for some skin tones. (It looks almost too subtle for my light-to-medium skin tone.) The off-white pink also looks quite subtle when worn.

Besides mixing all the four shades, Visée recommends applying the mix of the upper three shades on the cheeks and applying the shade at the bottom over the entire cheek areas (over the edges of the mixed three shades) and across the ridge of the nose to create a sun-kissed look. (The two recommendations are printed on the back of the outer packaging.)

When mixed, the top three shades show up as a medium-depth cool-toned pink. (I haven’t tried mixing all the four shades.)


Kose Visee Blend Color Cheeks PK-5 Fall 2013 Makeup 4


The product comes with a wide flat brush and it is stored underneath the blusher powder. It is reasonably easy to pick up just one shade from the palette with it.

Both the blusher powder and the case feature floral motifs, and I like the girlie and feminine design of the case. (The case doesn’t include a mirror.)

My only issue with the product is that it is difficult to pick up any of the upper three shades separately with a usual round blusher brush, but overall I enjoy using it. I like the velvety matte finish of all the shades and the vibrancy of the two pinks, and I enjoy using the shades separately and mixing the top three ones.


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