Chicca Mesmeric Gloss On in 05 Moon Pink

by PJ on Saturday, March 4, 2017

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Kanebo Chicca Mesmeric Gloss On 05 Moon Pink Summer 2014 Makeup 1


I reviewed Chicca‘s Flush Blush Powder in 04 Sweet Pink in 2015 and Mesmeric Lipstick in 08 Rose Glacé in 2016. Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on Mesmeric Gloss On in 05 Moon Pink.


Kanebo Chicca Mesmeric Gloss On 05 Moon Pink Summer 2014 Makeup 2


Kanebo Chicca Mesmeric Gloss On in 05 Moon Pink (カネボウ キッカ メスメリック グロスオン 05 ムーンピンク, ¥2800) was released in summer 2014. It is a lightly-to-moderately (towards lightly) pigmented cool-toned pink with fuchsia-toned and blue-toned shimmer. It feels emollient on the lips, and the staying power of the color and the finish is good.

It imparts quite a glossy shine on the lips with just one layer. With additional layers, the finish becomes even glossier, the appearance of lip lines becomes even more diffused, and the lips look even fuller and juicier. The color doesn’t really intensify with additional layers.

The shimmer looks quite dense in the container but it looks just right on the lips. It doesn’t look sparse, frosty, or overly shimmery, and it creates additional dimension for the lips. The blue-toned shimmer, which of course I love, works well with the fuchsia-toned shimmer. The contrast also helps to create additional dimension for the lips.

Among the three Chicca items I have tried, this is my favorite. Also, this is now among my favorite lip glosses. It creates a natural look, and I love its cool-toned color, juicy translucency, glossy finish, combination of fuchsia-toned and blue-toned shimmer, and the dimensional look. I think I would perhaps love it even more if it were just a tiny bit more pigmented, but overall this is a gorgeous product.


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