Playlist Fall 2017 Makeup Collection & Fall/ Winter 2017 Base Makeup Collection

by PJ on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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Shiseido Playlist will release its fall 2017 makeup collection in Japan on September 1st. The collection includes:

  • Instant Eye Complete Multiple Color (liquid eyeshadow, eyeliner & eyebrow color, 10 new shades (in BEl30, BEm31, GDb32, ORb33, ORd34, PKs35, RDb36, RDg37, BRd38 & GYg39), ¥3000)
  • Fine Stroke Eyebrow (4 shades (in BR-G1, BR-N2, BR-R3, BR-Y4), ¥2000)
  • Instant Lip Complete Glossy (2 new shades (in ORb30 & RSb31), ¥2500)
  • Instant Lip Complete Matte (4 new shades (in BEp32, RDm33, RDv34 & RDd35), ¥2500)

On September 1st, the line will also release its fall/winter 2017 base makeup collection in Japan. The collection includes:

  • Skin Texture Powder 3D (3 variations (in Light, Natural & Medium), refill ¥2800, case ¥1000)
  • Curvy Fit Brush L (with storage pouch, ¥2300)

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