Stash Debut (24): Lovetulle Pure Liquid Rouge in Rose Pink

by PJ on Sunday, October 1, 2017

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Lovetulle Pure Liquid Rouge Rose Pink Spring 2016 Makeup 1


Lovetulle is a fairly new Japanese drugstore beauty line, and today I will be sharing my thoughts on Pure Liquid Rouge in Rose Pink, my first purchase from the line.

Lovetulle is owned by StylingLife Holdings Inc. BCL Company. (“BCL” stands for “Beauty Creative Lab”. The company also owns Vecua, Vecua Honey, Restgenol, Clear Last, Cleansing Research, Saborino, Anuenue, Nail Nail and many other lines.) The line was launched in Japan in fall 2015 with two products (Pure Lash Mascara Long & Curl and Pure Lash Mascara Volume & Curl). The latest product from the line is CC Lip Essence, which was launched (with two shades) in Japan in spring 2017. (Check the link to the post on Vecua Honey above for more information on StylingLife Holdings Inc. and Sony, which set it up.)


Lovetulle Pure Liquid Rouge Rose Pink Spring 2016 Makeup 2


Lovetulle Pure Liquid Rouge in Rose Pink (ラブチュール ピュアリキッドルージュ ローズピンク/ Lovetulle 魅惑水潤立體嘟唇蜜 玫瑰粉, ¥1000) was released in Japan in spring 2016. (Pure Liquid Rouge was launched with three shades in spring 2016. The other two shades are Berry Pink and Peach Pink. All the three shades are currently available.) It is a medium-toned rose pink with a medium-to-intense (towards medium) pigmentation level. It has a glossy finish with no shimmer.

The product is easy to apply, feels moisturizing on the lips and has a very good staying power. (Its applicator has a sponge side and a silicone side. I tend to use the sponge side to spread the product on the lips and the silicone side for a precise application along the liplines.) It has a tart berry-toned fruity scent that is not too overpowering.


Lovetulle Pure Liquid Rouge Rose Pink Spring 2016 Makeup 3


(In the image above, the bits of whiteness in the middle and towards the bottom of the tube are reflections, not unevenness in pigment distribution.)

The product is essentially a liquid lipstick that has the color from a lipstick and the shine from a lip gloss (like Jill Stuart’s Forever Juicy Oil Rouge). Both the color and the finish are very long-lasting. The color stays even and fresh throughout the wear, and the glossy finish lasts well too. (When I tried the product for the first time, I wondered if it tinted the lips. It in fact doesn’t, but the lasting power of the color is certainly impressive.)

There is really no need to wear more than one layer of the product, as one layer is enough to give the lips a nice dose of color and a good deal of shine. The color and the gloss intensify slightly with each additional layer, and, even with three layers of the product, there is very little traveling over the course of wear.

The shade is fairly vibrant (it doesn’t appear so in the tube), and, under some artificial lightings, it looks warmer with a slight coral tone.

Overall I like this product. The quality of the product itself is superb, and I like the fresh and bouncy shade of Rose Pink. I recommend low-key and subtle shades for the eyes and the cheeks to go with this fairly vibrant shade.


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