Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

by PJ on Monday, May 30, 2011

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Kanebo Lunasol Aurorized Eyes 02 Light Variation Fall 2010 Makeup 1(It doesn’t seem that long ago that I got
Aurorize Eyes in Light Variation from fall 2010.)


The editor of Japanese magazine FRaU has tweeted about Lunasol‘s fall 2011 makeup collection here, here, and here. Also, see more images here.

According to these two sources, the theme of the collection is Light & Shade Purification. The new eyeshadow palette series, available in five variations, is called Three-Dimensional Eyes. Two of the four quarters in each variation feature three different hues/finishes, so each variation technically has eight shades.

The collection also includes a concealer palette and false eyelashes, among other items.

The collection will be released in Japan on August 19th.

I will update this post with more information later on.


Updated on June 20th, 2011:

Kanebo Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup 1(images/info from


The collection includes:

– Three-Dimensional Eyes (5 variations)
– Eyelid Base (N) (2 shades)
– Line Styling Eyeliner (4 shades)
– Lash Defining Mascara WP (1 shade)
– Treatment Mascara Base N
– Eyelash Curler
– Eyelash (false eyelashes, 1 pair, limited edition)
– Full Glamour Lips G (5 new shades)
– Full Glamour Liquid Lips (5 new shades)
– Point Make Off N (eye/lip makeup remover)
– Modeling Cheeks (2 new variations, limited editions)
– Nail Finish (3 new shades, limited editions)


Kanebo Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup 2


The concealer palette mentioned above will probably be launched in Lunasol’s fall/winter 2011 base makeup collection.


Updated on June 30th, 2011:

See photos from Lunasol’s fall 2011 press event on Lunasol’s official website and on


Updated on July 3rd, 2011:

Images and names of the five Three-Dimensional Eyes palettes:

Kanebo Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup 3(01 Neutral Beige)
(images/info from


Kanebo Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup 4(02 Soft Beige)


Kanebo Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup 5(03 Mysterious Beige)


Kanebo Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup 6(04 Cool Beige)


Kanebo Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup 7(05 Deep Beige)


Updated on August 3rd, 2011:

Lunasol’s official website has been updated to feature the fall 2011 makeup collection. I like the look of the two limited-edition Modeling Cheeks variations (even though I don’t always like gradational blushers.) I particularly like EX01 Soft Pink.

Kanebo Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup 8(images from


Kanebo Lunasol Fall 2011 Makeup 9


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kuri Saturday, July 16, 2011

wow, the eyeshadows look gorgeous. I wonder if the texture will be as nice as that of the summer palette?


PJ Monday, July 18, 2011

Hi Kuri,

I certainly hope so. On the whole, the quality of Lunasol’s eyeshadows has managed to get better and better over the years, and I think generally it has been one step ahead of many other Japanese/western brands.

Some of the colors are probably a little bit on the muted side for me, but I think overall these palettes look really elegant and that some of them will be very popular.

Thank you very much for stopping by again! :)


Jhoanne Luna Wednesday, September 7, 2011

hi i’m just wondering if these pallettes are better than the one launched by lancome? thanks


PJ Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi Jhoanne,

May I ask which palette by Lancôme you would like me to compare them with? (In some countries, Lancôme has released more than one palette for fall 2011.)

Thank you very much.


JhoAnne Luna Saturday, September 17, 2011

hi Pj :)

I’m pertaining to Lancome’s Ombre Absolue Palette F90


PJ Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi JhoAnne,

I have not had a chance to swatch the Lancôme palette yet and I haven’t seen Lunasol’s Three-Dimensional Eyes palettes in person, but what I would say is that I think I would prefer Three-Dimensional Eyes because, based on what I have read, I think I would prefer their creamy texture and shimmery finish.

Thank you for stopping by again! :)


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