Fall 2011 Makeup Top 10 (Part 1)

by PJ on Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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10th: Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel Fall 2011 Makeup Top 10 1(image from www.soniarykiel-cosmetics.com)


I do like a bit of color for fall (among all the neutrals and other muted shades), and Sonia Rykiel’s fall 2011 Sensual makeup collection is giving me that.  The new Eyeshadow Duos include soft hues, vibrant colors, and sedate shades. The new shades/variations of Mousse Eyeshadow and Cheek Color Powder also inject some fresh colors into fall.


Sonia Rykiel Fall 2011 Makeup Top 10 2(image from www.soniarykiel-cosmetics.com)


Sonia Rykiel Fall 2011 Makeup Top 10 3(image from www.soniarykiel-cosmetics.com)


9th: Dior

Dior Fall 2011 Makeup Top 10 1(image from www.dior.com)


Dior’s seasonal makeup collections are usually good indicators of the hottest makeup color trends. Its fall 2011 Blue Tie makeup collection is all about dark blues, which are featured in the limited-edition Dior Blue-Tie in 001 Smoking Blue, 3 Couleurs Smoky in 291 Smoky Navy, 5 Couleurs in 214 Blue Ribbons, and the two new shades of Dior Vernis (607 Blue Denim and 908 Tuxedo). For cheeks and lips, the new shades range from nudes to pinks and plums.


8th: Esprique

Kose Esprique Fall 2011 Makeup Top 10 1(image from esprique.com)


Esprique released five variations of Blend Dimensional Eyes for summer 2011 as part of the line’s launch collection (a revamp from the previous Esprique Precious), and I am very pleased to see five more variations for fall 2011. I prefer this season’s five (Deep) variations to summer 2011’s five (Shiny) variations, and I particularly like B-2 (with medium-to-warm browns) and B-4 (with brown and moss green).


Kose Esprique Fall 2011 Makeup 1(Mellow Forming Rouge (Glow) & (Color))
(image from www.nikkei.com)


7th: Magie Deco

Kose Cosme Decorte Magie Deco Fall 2011 Makeup 1(image from www.cosmedecorte.com)


With three new variations of Shadow Brilliance II and three new shades of Lipsticks, Magie Deco’s fall 2011 Misty Magic makeup collection isn’t particularly extensive, but all the new Shadow Brilliance II palettes look appealing to me. DC042 has a nice combination of pink and purple (although the purple looks a little orchid-y (a little too warm/reddish for me) in some photos), and DC044 seems to be a lighter version of my DC025 Foxy Lady.


The countdown continues in Part 2!


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Leila Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everything’s so pretty. I love these top 10 posts, it’s nice to see a summery of the collections all together, but it’s seems so fast since the summer top 10s!

I’ve seen images of Dior Blue Ribbons online, but only from Asian bloggers. Do you know if it’s an Asia exclusive or will we be getting it later? It doesn’t appear on the website at the moment with the rest of the Blue Tie collection. I hope to pick up the blusher (Pink In Love) soon. It’s new for Dior to have a brighter, deeper blusher, but it still works on very fair skin.

I am looking forward to your review of the Blue Tie palette. Have a good weekend!


PJ Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hi Leila,

I am happy that you enjoy my Top 10 posts! :)

I know…it doesn’t seem that long ago when I posted the Summer 2011 Top 10. I tend to post them every three months (March, June, September, and December) so they are evenly spaced out, but the next round-up does always seem to be approaching very quickly!

I think 214 Blue Ribbons is only available in Asia at the moment (as a limited edition), but it may be possible that it will arrive in the UK later on. I will keep an eye on it!

889 Pink in Love is a lovely color! I hope you will enjoy wearing it.

I have been testing my Dior Blue-Tie. Hopefully I will be able to post the review within a couple of weeks.

Hope you are having a nice weekend, and thank you for posting your comment again! :)


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