10th: Paul & Joe

Paul and Joe Summer 2017 Makeup 1

(image from www.paul-joe-beaute.com)


Even though Paul & Joe’s summer 2017 Daydream Believer makeup collection is not as eye-catching as the brand’s spring 2017 Les Petits Noms d’Amour makeup collection, it still has some interesting items.

Highlights: three new variations of Eye Color Limited and Gel Blush in 001.


9th: Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée

Les Merveilleuses de Laduree Summer 2017 Makeup Top 10 1

(image from www.lm-laduree.com)


Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée’s summer 2017 La Chambre – Le Jardin Secret makeup collection offers more options for blusher fanatics like me.

Highlights: Cheek Color Palette in 102 and the hat cases of Eye Shadow.


8th: Coffret d’Or

Kanebo Coffret d'Or Summer 2017 Makeup 1

(image from www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/coffretdor)


For summer 2016, Coffret d’Or released five limited-edition variations of Beauty Summer Palette for eyes and lips. For this summer, the line brought out two limited-edition palettes for eyes and cheeks.

Highlights: Shiny Color Collections Eye & Cheek in 01 Shiny Natural and 02 Shiny Cool, W Eyebrow Designer in GY-19 and Purely Stay Rouge in PK-314.


7th: Lunasol

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup Top 10 1

(image from www.fashion-press.net)


Like Coffret d’Or, Lunasol’s summer 2017 Sunny Summer makeup collection features a neutral eyeshadow palette and an eyeshadow palette with a soft blue.

Highlights: Sunny Summer Eyes in EX01 Spicy Sunny Collection and Color Glow Balm in EX04 Violet Pink (second from the bottom in the image below).


Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2017 Makeup Top 10 2

(image from www.fashion-press.net)


The countdown continues in Part 2!


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Kuri Friday, June 23, 2017

Wow, those color glow balms from Lunasol look rich and summery! Wonder if they’re sheer


PJ Friday, June 23, 2017

Hi Kuri,

I was looking at some photos from Cosme.net members, and it seems that these color balms look fairly translucent but not too sheer.

Thank you very much for stopping by again! :)


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