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Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N 01 Holiday 2015 Makeup 1


I have reviewed Anna Sui‘s Rose Cheek Colors N in 303, 400 and 602 in the last few months, and today I will be sharing my thoughts on 01.


Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N 01 Holiday 2015 Makeup 2


Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 01 (アナ スイ ローズ チーク カラー N 01/ 安娜蘇 雪綻光紫境頰彩 01) was released in Japan as part of Anna Sui Holiday Snow Collection in 01 Frozen Love (アナ スイ ホリデイ スノー コレクション 01 Frozen Love/ 安娜蘇 雪綻光紫境寶盒彩妝組 01 冰雪之愛, limited edition, ¥6700) from holiday 2015. It features four shades. They are:

  • medium-depth fuchsia-toned pink, moderately pigmented, with a very soft glow and subtle shimmer
  • medium-depth medium-to-warm pink, moderately pigmented, softly glowy with soft shimmer
  • chalk white (middle), lightly pigmented, velvety with a hint of shimmer
  • off-white blue (top left), lightly pigmented, velvety with a hint of shimmer

They are all easy to apply and blend. The two main blusher shades (the fuchsia-toned pink and the medium-to-warm pink) have a good staying power, and the two highlighting shades (the chalk white and the off-white blue) have a fairly good staying power.

The fuchsia-toned pink works very well for me. The soft fuchsia tone looks fresh without looking overly vibrant. The shade is fairly subtly glowy with subtle shimmer, and this low-key finish works well for me too.

The medium-to-warm pink looks like a light peachy pink in the pan. However, when worn, it looks a lot more pinkish and it doesn’t particularly look very peachy. Also, it goes on darker, and, when layered, it can actually create a fairly intense look. I was worried that it would look too pale and washed-out on me, but it definitely doesn’t. It is more glowy and more shimmery than the fuchsia-toned pink but it is not too glowy or shimmery for me.

When mixed, the two shades show up as a medium-to-cool pink with a soft glow and fairly subtle shimmer.

Both the chalk white and the off-white blue work fairly well for me as highlighting shades. I don’t really like highlighting shades that are very pearly, shimmery or metallic, and I do prefer those that rely predominantly on light pigments (rather than light-reflective particles) to create a highlighting effect. Both of these two shades have a velvety finish without much shimmer and create a soft-focus finish, and they work well for my oily skin (which doesn’t really need any additional glow or shimmer). Between the two shades, I prefer the chalk white as it looks more natural on me. (The off-white blue leaves a very slight hint of blue on the face.)

The product comes in a purple case. The rest of the design is the same as that of the variations of Rose Cheek Color N in black cases. (See the case design in my review of Rose Cheek Color N in 303 (link above).)

Overall I like this variation very much. The two main blusher shades and the mixture of the two all work well for me, and I find the fuchsia-toned pink particularly appealing. I also like the fact that neither of the two highlighting shades in this variation looks glowy or shimmery.


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