Paul & Joe Lipstick in 108 Pink Balloon

by PJ on Sunday, December 10, 2017

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Paul and Joe Lipstick 108 Pink Balloon Fall 2014 Makeup 1


So far this year, I have reviewed Paul & Joe‘s Lipstick in 107 Rose Sorbet, Lipstick CS in 082 Far, Far Away, Lipstick N in 214 Paris Métro and Lip Gloss G in 05 Mon Chéri. Today I will be focusing on Lipstick in 108 Pink Balloon.


Paul and Joe Lipstick 108 Pink Balloon Fall 2014 Makeup 2


Paul & Joe Lipstick in 108 Pink Balloon (Refill) (ポール & ジョー リップスティック 108 ピンクバルーン (リフィル)/ Paul & Joe 巴黎訂製唇膏 108, ¥2000 in Japan (refill only), £12.50 in the UK (refill only)) was released in Japan in fall 2014. It is a fuchsia pink with a light-to-moderate pigmentation level. It has no shimmer. A couple of layers of it give the lips a gentle sheen, and additional layers create a softly glossy finish. It glides quite smoothly and feels fairly moisturizing on the lips. The finish has a fairly good staying power, and the color has a very good staying power.

(The shades in the Lipstick range fall into three categories: Clear (shades with numbers beginning with 1), Natural (those with numbers beginning with 2) and Full Pigment (those with numbers beginning with 3). 108 Pink Balloon is in the Clear category.)

When I wear a couple of layers of it, it creates a fairly natural look and it doesn’t look overly bright. (The look resembles that from a tinted lip balm.) The color intensity can be increased with additional layers. I do like to layer it to get a brighter and glossier look. The combination of the vibrant color, the translucency and the glossy finish creates a bouncy and jelly-like look. As the glossy finish gradually wears off, the color (most of which lasts until the end of wear) looks more opaque and more saturated. (Over the course of wear, the softly glossy finish turns into a semi-matte tinted finish, and I find both finishes very appealing.)

(I am using Lipstick Case CS 015 for this lipstick refill. It was also released in fall 2014.)

Overall, I really like this shade. I like fuchsia-pink lip colors, but, for me, they can be a little tricky too pull off. This shade works well for me because it is very versatile in terms of color intensity. I can go for an ultra-sheer look, a fairly color-saturated look or anything in between. (Compared with Paul & Joe’s Lipstick in 107 Rose Sorbet (link above), 108 Pink Balloon is darker, more cool-toned and more vibrant.)


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lucy rollins Monday, December 11, 2017

I’ve never tried a Paul & Joe lip product! Thanks for the review, I want to get my hands on one too now :D


PJ Monday, December 11, 2017

Hi Lucy,

I occasionally have issues with Paul & Joe’s lip glosses (which you can read about in my reviews), but the brand’s lipsticks generally perform very well on me. If you decide to try a lip product from the brand, I certainly hope you will like it! :)

Thank you very much for posting your comment! :)


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