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Elegance Phantom Eyes 28 Spring 2013 Makeup 1


Today, I am opening my treasure chest again and we will be looking at Phantom Eyes in 28 from Elégance.

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MAC Patternmaker 3 Beige Lips 2006 Makeup 1


To all the MAC fans out there (and to refresh your expert MAC knowledge): in what year was the Patternmaker collection released?*

When I saw images of the products before the release, I was almost instantly attracted to the packaging. Each of the eyeshadow and lip palettes had a varied pattern, and I decided to go for 3 Beige Lips mainly because the case was my favorite. (I like how the colors are laid out.) I didn’t really have any intention to use the colors…I just wanted to add this palette to my makeup stash…

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Chanel Summer 2009 Tokyo Happening Levres Scintillantes Glossimer 387 Wish 1


I didn’t think I would be able to get this……

Chanel’s Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer in 387 Wish is from the brand’s limited-edition Tokyo Happening collection in summer 2009. The initial news I came across was that the collection was exclusive to Japan and Taiwan. There was then further news that it would be available in America.

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With Japanese cosmetics, apart from the new lines springing up every now and then, an existing line sometimes revamps the packaging to keep things fresh.

Before being replaced by Aube Couture, Aube went through a few packaging revamps. About every two years, we would get a whole new Aube look. As the brand attempted to look and be more and more youthful and approachable, I have to stay I generally liked the packaging less and less. There was something about some of the older cases that really appealed to me.

I think I purchased Rouge Dressious in RS376 in 2001. At the time, the next Aube look had been introduced. It still featured dark-blue cases (with a gloss finish), but I think some of them (especially the lipstick cases) looked almost too streamline and simple. The old products, such as Rouge Dressious, were on their way out for good, and I thought I’d at least get one item and have it join my permanent collection.

(RS376 is an elegant deep rose-red.
The actual color looks cooler than it does in the photo.)

I don’t think this is how Aube looked when it was first launched, but it was how it looked when I first got interested in Japanese cosmetics and this is still by far my favorite Aube look. As “Aube” means “dawn” or “leaf” in French, I think the motif at the waist of the lipstick case was probably meant to be a leaf (even though it also looked like a tulip).

I absolutely love the gold details against the frosted dark-blue case. The case looks so classy and elegant and it also has a somewhat assertive air about it.

Now, Aube Couture is all about easy-to-use wearable makeup to create everyday looks, and the soft and amiable packaging was designed to help convey the brand message. But I think I will still miss the Aube that was glamorous, regal and sensual all at the same time.

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Aube Couture Early Fall 2009 Collection


As promised in my two-year anniversary post, I am launching a new series. “From My Treasure Chestwill take you through some of my favorite items in my makeup collection. It will give me a chance to share with you my thoughts on some of my makeup items that I got before I started my blog.

(This series is mainly an extension from my posts on Clarins’ Palette Impression and Aube’s Astral Rouge. It is also partly inspired by Betsy’s Archive series at Autumn Masquerade and The Muse’s posts on past holiday collections at Musings of a Muse. Do check out their wonderful posts.)

I decided to start the series with possibly my favorite Dior limited-edition item, Dior Princess Ring.

Dior Princess Ring was part of Dior’s summer makeup collection in 2005. It was not the first seasonal limited-edition item I bought from Dior, but it was probably the one I bought with the least planning and hesitation. I hadn’t come across any information on the collection before I saw them at a Dior counter, and I immediately went for the pink one (#001), which included a plum lip color and a pink lip gloss. (The blue one (#002) featured two eyeshadows.)

I remember that statement jewelry was very popular in that year, which is possibly partly why Dior came up with this design. As the princess cut is my favorite cut, I particularly like the shape of the ring. The tiny crystals and the mirror in the middle nicely bounce the light off, making this ring a lovely item to play with under the light.

The satisfyingly heavy and substantial-looking ring also comes with a short chain so the ring can double as a bag charm (although the face of the ring always faces downward when the chain is attached to a bag).

After the Princess Ring (and a few previous items), Dior continued to release “wearable” makeup products, which I have collected quite a few of, but this one has remained my favorite. Every season, I look forward to the new limited-edition star item, but, at the same time, I like this ring so much that, in a way, I almost don’t want Dior to come up with something even more lovely…

(However, I should be seeing Dior’s Lady Dior in person in a couple of days, and I do have high hopes for something that is about twice as expensive as the Princess Ring…)

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