Holiday 2011 Makeup Review: SUQQU 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit B

by PJ on Monday, November 14, 2011

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SUQQU Christmas 2011 Makeup Kit B Holiday 2011 Makeup 1


As with some of the previous years, SUQQU released two limited-edition Christmas Makeup Kits for the brand’s holiday 2011 collection. Both 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit A and B feature a limited-edition variation of Blend Color Eyeshadow, Eye Makeup Remover R, Eye Cream R, and Original Pouch. Today I am featuring 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit B, and I am focusing on Blend Color Eyeshadow in EX-06 Usuchaori.


SUQQU Christmas 2011 Makeup Kit B Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-06 Usuchaori Holiday 2011 Makeup 2


The four shades in EX-06 Usuchaori are (anticlockwise from bottom-right):

ivory white, softly pigmented, glowy matte with no shimmer
peachy gold, moderately pigmented, with high-toned pearly shimmer
light gray-toned beige-taupe, moderately pigmented, with (mainly gold-toned) shimmer
medium-to-dark taupe, well-pigmented, with high-toned pearly shimmer

All shades contain multi-hued shimmer except the ivory white. All the shades are smooth and silky. The staying power is very good.

One of the main differences between this palette and the previously released variations of Blend Color Eyeshadow is that the lining color (the medium-to-dark taupe) is more or less as shimmery as the lightening and the shading colors. It is also just as smooth and creamy.


SUQQU Christmas 2011 Makeup Kit B Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-06 Usuchaori Holiday 2011 Makeup 3


The texture of SUQQU’s eyeshadows has always been smooth and silky. With the new Blend Color Eyeshadows from fall 2011 and holiday 2011, the texture of the powder has managed to go up a notch. I would describe the texture as powder-to-cream-to-powder, as the powder almost melts into a silky cream on the brush/finger and is then dispensed onto the eye areas as a soft and fluffy powder that spreads and blends effortlessly. It seems that, at any point in time in the last few years, the texture of SUQQU’s eyeshadows has had almost no match.

In terms of color depth, one thing to note is that, even though the peach gold seems to look slightly darker than the beige taupe in the pan, the beige taupe has more depth and can create a soft shadow and the peach gold is mainly a light-reflecting shade with very little depth.

There are several ways to wear these two shades. You can wear the peach gold all over the upper eyelids and the beige taupe on the lower halves of the upper eyelids to create a subtle gradation of depth. You can also wear the beige taupe all over the eyelids and strategically layer the peach gold on areas where you want additional light-reflectiveness. Another way is to wear the beige taupe on the outer halves of the eyelids and the peach gold on the inner halves.

Even though the beige taupe has gold-toned shimmer, I would personally prefer the shade to have a warmer (less grayish) undertone (so that it would suit my warm-toned complexion more and possibly coordinate with the peach gold better). But overall this is still a very wearable soft neutral palette that will create a natural look with a veil of very beautiful and dimensional pearly shimmer.


SUQQU Christmas 2011 Makeup Kit B Holiday 2011 Makeup 4


The 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit B also contains:

– Eye Makeup Remover R (50ml, with a bi-phase formula)
– Eye Cream R (4g, also featured in 2010 Christmas Makeup Kit A, notes on the ingredients here)
– Original Pouch B (a cream white makeup bag with a bow detail)

Image from SUQQU’s website, which shows both palettes for holiday 2011 and the shimmer details on the palette cases:


SUQQU Holiday 2011 Makeup Skincare Bodycare 5(image from


The 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit A and B are available in the UK from November 4th. The 2011 Christmas Hand & Body Care Kit will be available in the UK from December 1st.

(The product featured in this article is provided by SUQQU.)


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