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by PJ on Saturday, November 11, 2017

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Ayura Chiffon Blush PK01 Spring 2017 Makeup 1


A few months ago, I reviewed Ayura‘s Bouquet Color Eyes in BE01 from the brand’s spring 2017 makeup collection. Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on the brand’s Chiffon Blush in PK01 from the same collection.


Ayura Chiffon Blush PK01 Spring 2017 Makeup 2


Ayura Chiffon Blush in PK01 (アユーラ シフォンブラッシュ PK01/ Ayura 蜜絲絨頰彩 PK01, refill ¥2000, case (with brush) ¥1300) includes two shades. They are:

  • off-white pink, very lightly pigmented, glowy with fine pearly shimmer and a slight hint of iridescence
  • light-to-medium medium-to-cool pink, lightly-to-moderately (towards lightly) pigmented, with a fairly high-toned glowy finish with fine pearly shimmer and a slight hint of iridescence

Both shades have multi-hued light-reflective particles. They are both very easy to apply and blend. The light-to-medium medium-to-cool pink has a good staying power while the off-white pink has a decent staying power.

The light-to-medium medium-to-cool pink is a very natural blusher shade for me. It is fairly lightly pigmented so I don’t have to be particularly light-handed with it. I generally prefer matte and semi-matte blushers, and I find the finish of this shade to be slightly too glowy for me. While it is not too frosty and doesn’t exaggerate the appearance of pores too much, I would prefer it to be less glowy.

The off-white pink is used as a highlighting shade. According to Ayura’s official Japanese website, the highlighting shade is designed to be applied around the edge of the main blusher shade. As the shade is very lightly pigmented, the highlighting effect mainly comes from the glowy finish. The effect is fairly natural. It can be used on the T-zone as well and it doesn’t look too pinkish.

The case of this product is the same as that of Bouquet Color Eyes.

On the whole, I like the two colors in this palette but I am a little less keen on their finishes. The light-to-medium medium-to-cool pink works very well for me as a blusher shade, and it coordinates well with both warm-toned and cool-toned colors for eyes and lips. If the overall finish of this palette were less glowy and less shimmery, I would certainly like this palette even more.


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