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Kanebo Lavshuca Moist Melting Bar RS-2 Summer 2010 Makeup 1


Today, in my Bring It Back series, I will be reminiscing about Lavshuca. Before I talk about the line’s changes through the years since its launch in spring 2006, I will share my thoughts on Moist Melting Bar in RS-2, one of my last purchases from the line.

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Michael Kors Fall 2013 Makeup 1

(image from House of Fraser)


I stopped by central London a couple of days ago and had a look around the Oxford Street and Bond Street areas. Here are some of my beauty sightings:

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Les Merveilleuses de Laduree Spring 2014 Makeup 93

(image from www.facebook.com/lmladuree)


Here is some information on Anna Sui, Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée, and THREE regarding their availability outside Japan:

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Calvin Klein CK One Cosmetics 1(image from www.calvinkleininc.com)


It was Calvin Klein‘s beauty line from the 90’s that prompted me to start my Bring It Back series back in 2007, and it was an coincidence that news of the relaunch arrived shortly afterwards.

The line was relaunched in the UK in spring 2008, and I posted my review of Subliminal Purity Mineral Based Loose Powder, which I purchased in House of Fraser on London’s Oxford Street. However, within a year or so, the line disappeared again.

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Possible Sephora Re-Launch in the UK!

by PJ on Monday, January 28, 2008

in _Bring It Back, makeup, skincare

(I want it back!)
(image from www.sephora.com)

According to WWD, Sephora has been in talks with Marks & Spencer regarding opening shop-in-shops in the UK’s leading highstreet department store.

This is very exciting news, and it would certainly be great to see Sephora back in the UK!

If you also want to see Sephora back in the UK, you can still sign the petition started by Charlotte at Kiss and Makeup in August last year.

Updated on January 29th 2008:

Charlotte at Kiss and Makeup has posted additional information on the possible re-launch. Have a look!

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(my Miss Elégance item and catalog)

Owned by Albion, one of Japan’s largest cosmetics companies, Miss Elégance is the little sister of and a more girlie alternative to Elégance, which is gloriously glamorous in a slightly old-school kind of way. On the other hand, Miss Elégance, a bit like Cynthia Rowley, is soft, fresh, and cute. I love the delicate floral theme on the packaging and as part of the brand image.

Price-wise, Miss Elégance was in the medium-low range in Japanese cosmetics, as the price-point was between brands like T’Estimo and budget lines like Majolica Majorca. It was generally an affordable line of makeup items.

I found out that it had been discontinued in Japan earlier this year (on May 31, 2007) as I was planning my shopping list for Japan. I was quite disappointed. Miss Elégance didn’t have the same cache as Dick Page’s Inoui ID (discontinued earlier this year as well, which stunned many of its fans.) But I really like the fact that the brand was always very low-key and unassuming, as I don’t think it was that widely available and was advertised that much.

The Miss Elégance item I have is Powder Color in 16, which I bought in Tokyo years ago. It is a nice medium brown which I bought during my neutral-tone phase. It is smooth and nicely pigmented, but, as you can see, I have been very precious about it and haven’t used it very much. (I love the two flowers on the eyeshadow. So pretty.)

(Miss Elégance Powder Color in 16)

The case looks equally lovely, to say the least:

(the Powder Color case,
with floral and jewel detail)

The Powder Color was available in 35 shades, which offered a wide range of neutral and vibrant hues:

(Miss Elegance Powder Color –
for eyes and cheeks)

The floral motif continues to grace the packaging, as seen here with Liquid Rouge (love that lavender shade):

(Miss Elegance Liquid Rouge)

Elégance has been doing relatively well over the years against all the new competitors. On the other hand, it was a pity that Miss Elégance was discontinued. Maybe, Albion will bring out something new in the next few years. Who knows, but I’d certainly hope so!

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(Boots Botanics Essential Oil Wash Off Cleanser;
with a separate pump dispenser)

This time, in my “Bring It Back!” Series, I am not going to talk about a whole line of cosmetics. Instead, I am focusing on a very good and affordable makeup remover that has been discontinued.

Boots has various lines of skincare and makeup ranges. While one of my favorite Boots lines is No. 7, it doesn’t have a cleanser that I really like. On the other hand, the slightly cheaper Botanics line used to have the Essential Oil Wash Off Cleanser (seen above), which is a great overall cleanser for me.

It works just like other cleansing oils like Shu Uemura’s, as it takes off all the makeup, including water-proof items, at one go. I tend to like cleansing oils because they involve much less tugging and massaging than most cleansing milks, and they are much more gentle on my sensitive skin.

What was also fantastic about this cleansing oil is that it used to only cost 2 GBP (about 4 USD). Even though I slightly prefer RMK’s cleansing oil, this one only cost about one-tenth of its price at the time and I would gladly keep using this if this were still available.

I stocked up quite a few when it was being phased out, and now I am on my last bottle. My only minor complaint is that if it gets into the eyes, it can sometimes make them feel a little dry afterwards. (This is why I slightly prefer RMK’s.) But it is not something that bothers me very much.

The Boots Botanics line seems to still be doing well and there have been new items added to the lineup every now and then. I do hope Boots will consider adding a cleansing oil back to Botanics or any other skincare line…

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(Nina Ricci Cosmetics seasonal looks)

I think most of you might still remember the curvy and quirky original packaging of Nina Ricci‘s makeup and skincare items. It was fairly cute but I wasn’t particularly a fan of that. But, around 2002, the packaging went through an overhaul and personally I think it came out so much better. Using both reflective and frosty finishes, the new look was sleek and modern.

The two items I have from the revamped range were the Tender Lacquered Lipglaze in #2 Rose Jupon and Extension Lashwear in #01 (black). The Extension Lashwear mascara does a good job in separating and defining the lashes, while the lipglaze is one of the best lip glosses I have ever used thanks to the richness of the color and the syrupy and glassy finish.

(my two Nina Ricci items)

What I also like about the new Nina Ricci makeup line is that each season they released a beautiful seasonal look. Like the packaging, the seasonal looks were modern and with a slight editorial edge which varied from season to season. Each seasonal look was on a leaflet featuring the key items. The styling of the leaflets was consistent, which made it fun to collect and compare them. You can see some of the beautiful seasonal looks above.

Sadly, Nina Ricci left the UK a couple of years ago. (Now only the fragrances are sold here.) The website is functioning but the beauty section has not been updated for a long time. It makes me wonder whether they are still coming up with new items in other countries. I don’t think so, but if you have any information on Nina Ricci where you are, I’d be very interested to know!

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(the new Calvin Klein ad display in Hong Kong)

Here is the first look of the new Calvin Klein Beauty!

A generous reader of mine, Sin, from Hong Kong, sent me these photos of the new Calvin Klein Beauty ad and counter display in Hong Kong. She has very kindly let me post them on my blog.

(the Calvin Klein counter)

(the Calvin Klein counter…
that blusher looks rather cute)

These are great photos, showing the printed ad as well as the makeup line-up. (I can feel my eyes getting closer and closer to the screen…)

Sin also mentioned that the Calvin Klein skincare line will be launched in Hong Kong in December.

Since I wrote about my memories of Calvin Klein cosmetics back in May, I have had some informative comments and e-mails. (Thank you all!) As many of you might already know, Calvin Klein Beauty is re-launching globally. You can read this post for further information. (The post mentions that it will be launched in the UK. Fantastic!)

Again, my sincere thanks goes to Sin for these exciting images! (The photos are from her on-line album. The two other ones, if you are interested, show items of Shiseido Inoui ID.)

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Calvin Klein Eyeshadow in Ivory
(My only Calvin Klein item so far…things might change soon!)


(Calvin Klein Eye Shadow in 06 Ivory)

Back in May, I wrote about Calvin Klein Cosmetics to mark the start of my Bring It Back! series. I mentioned I was aware that some on-line shops still carried the line and that I was concerned about the quality (since the line has been discontinued for quite a while).

But, during my trip to Nottingham in June, I was roaming around in a shopping mall and I came across some Calvin Klein makeup products in a cosmetics store! The store had a slightly similar feel to The Company Store in London, which is the Estée Lauder Group outlet store.

I checked the quality of some of the stock, and I was relatively happy. As most of the colors were too dark for my liking, I picked up this matte ivory shade, which is good as a base for other eyeshadows. It can also work as a subtle brow-bone or face highlighter.

This is the only Calvin Klein Cosmetics item I have, and it is a very welcome addition to my white eyeshadow collection!

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