Visée Shimmer Rich Eyes in GR-6

by PJ on Saturday, October 7, 2017

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Kose Visee Shimmer Rich Eyes GR-6 Fall 2015 Makeup 1


In July, I reviewed Kosé Visée‘s Shimmer Rich Eyes in BE-1, and, today, I will be sharing my thoughts on Shimmer Rich Eyes in GR-6.


Kose Visee Shimmer Rich Eyes GR-6 Fall 2015 Makeup 2


Kosé Visée Shimmer Rich Eyes GR-6 (コーセー ヴィセ シマーリッチ アイズ GR-6/ 高絲 Visée 深邃晶耀眼影盒 GR-6 時尚綠, ¥1400) was released in Japan in fall 2015. The five shades in this palette are (clockwise from top left):

  • cream white, lightly pigmented, with pearly shimmer
  • pale champagne beige, lightly-t0-moderately pigmented, with pearly shimmer
  • green black, well-pigmented, with a subtle pearly glow
  • off-white beige, mostly sparkles with little pigment, softly sparkly
  • medium-to-dark emerald green, moderately-to-intensely pigmented, with a pearly glow

All the five shades have multi-hued light-reflective particles. All the shades are easy to apply and blend, and they all have a good staying power. (The green black has some minor fallout, but it doesn’t particularly bother me.)

The cream white is not too shimmery or sparkly, and it works well as a base shade. The pale champagne beige is skin-tonal, and it also works well as a base. It adds a natural glow and brightness to the eyes without looking whitish. (When I use the pale champagne beige as a base shade, I use the cream white as a highlighting shade under the arches of the eyebrows.)

The medium-to-dark emerald green adds plenty of drama to the eyes. The color you see in the pan is the color you get on the eyes. What also impresses me about this shade is how well it lasts. It doesn’t fade or turn grayish overtime, and the richness and the vibrancy of the color last well throughout the wear.

If you want to create a more seamless gradation from the fairly dark emerald green to the pale champagne beige, start with a light-handed application of the emerald green on the lower halves of the upper eyelids (after applying the pale champagne beige) and then apply one or two additional layers near the lash lines. Take time to blend each layer before applying the next one. Alternatively, leave a clearer edge between the two shades to create a bold block-color look.

The green black works well as an eyelining shade. It doesn’t always look very obvious on top of the fairly dark emerald green, but it does look more obvious when I am more light-handed with the emerald green and when I use an eyeliner brush to apply the green black to create sharper lines (instead of using the sponge applicator that comes with the palette).

The off-white beige at the bottom of the palette is designed to be used on the middle parts of the upper eyelids (as a sparkle top coat) and along the lower lash lines. (I haven’t tried using this shade along the lower lash lines.) I find that it is less pigmented and more sparkly than the off-white beige in BE-1 (link above), and I prefer the off-white beige in this palette. Its pigmentation level and finish are similar to those of the sparkle top coats in Coffret d’Or’s Beauty Aura Eyes in 01 Yellow Brown and 03 Khaki (which I really like).

To create subtler looks for daytime with this palette, I use the champagne beige as the main shade for the eyelids and I use either the emerald green or the green black as an eyelining shade. The champagne beige doesn’t add a lot of color to the eyes, but I love how it subtly brightens the eyes with its dimensional pearly shimmer (without looking overly frosty or shimmery). The intensity of the green black is certainly obvious without the emerald green underneath it, and the richness and the vibrancy of the emerald green last well as an eyelining shade.

Overall I really like this palette. The emerald green is definitely the star of the palette and I love how striking it looks. Also, the palette as a whole is fairly versatile. It is a fun palette to play with for dramatic looks, and it is also a reliable palette to depend on for fresh everyday looks.

(If you want a deeper neutral shade (that creates shadows) to go with the emerald green, consider Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres in 288 Road Movie. If you want a lighter green instead of a neutral shade to go with the emerald green, then look forward to Dior’s 5 Couleurs in 347 Emerald.)


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