Japanese Cosmetics in the UK (and Where to Get Them)

by PJ on Thursday, January 31, 2008

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(All available in the UK!)
(anti-clockwise from top-left:
Paul & Joe Blanc Body Lotion
RMK Cleansing Oil N
RMK Irresistible Lips C in 03 Holographic Sheer Pink
SUQQU Creamy Lipstick in 22 Benikoji
Paul & Joe Nail Treatment Oil
SUQQU Sanzekan Eau de Toilette)

As requested by a reader, today I am focusing on Japanese cosmetics brands available in the UK and where they can be found.

(If you are reading this from other countries or if you live in the UK but are quite far away from the counters, I will be mentioning possible ways to purchase from some of these brands on-line or through Selfridges.)

Here we go…

So far, there never seems to be a wide array of Japanese cosmetics lines in the UK. But what is available here is nonetheless a good selection of what the Japanese cosmetics industry has to offer. It also includes one of my favorite Japanese brands, Paul & Joe, which we will start with.

— Paul & Joe

(Paul & Joe spring 2008 collection: Sweetie)
(image from www.paul-joe-beaute.com/en/index.html)

Launched in Japan in spring 2002, Paul & Joe was an instant sensation. With its beautifully feminine packaging, it was almost the Jill Stuart before there was Jill Stuart.

To my delight, it was launched a couple of years later in London’s Harvey Nichols, where I saw the line in person for the very first time. Now it is available in Fenwick and Harrods in London, apart from the three Paul & Joe’s London boutiques. If you only have time for one counter when you are in London, go straight to Fenwick. The counter there is larger and has a better testing area.

There are several authorized on-line sellers of Paul & Joe in the UK, some of which deliver internationally. You can find them on the Shop Info page on Paul & Joe’s English website.

If you are interested, you can read my reviews on Paul & Joe’s Foundation Primer N, Lip Gloss N, and Face Powder, as well as my personal take on the brand.


(RMK spring 2008 collection: Shiny Mix Dots)
(image from www.rmkrmk.com/global/)

Developed by Japanese makeup artist Rumiko, the minimally packaged makeup range is trendy but wearable and has featured a lot of distinctive seasonal collections. Some of RMK‘s most popular products include primers, lip glosses, and mascaras. I myself love RMK’s Cleansing Oil N.

Like Paul & Joe, RMK debuted in London’s Harvey Nichols. Later, it moved to House of Fraser on Oxford Street and it now resides in the nearby Selfridges. It is also available in Selfridges in Trafford Centre in Manchester and House of Fraser in Glasgow.

At the moment, UK is the only country outside Asia where RMK has a retail point. But you might be able to buy from the line from Selfridges by phone (from within or outside the UK). Check out Selfridges‘ Service Directory page for detail. (Select “Delivery” for the relevant information).


(image from www.suqqu.com/global/)


SUQQU‘s launch in London’s Selfridges in November 2006 took me by surprise, as it took a different expansion path. Prior to that, outside Japan, it was only available in Bangkok, which was another slightly unconventional move.

SUQQU’s strength and popularity lie in its base makeup range. Its concealers, cream foundation and Clear Veil Powder are what make the brand well-known in Japan. Its eyelash curler is another cult item. I personally love the ultra-sophisticated brand image as well as the luxuriously smooth and silky texture of SUQQU’s lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushers.

Recently, I have noticed that SUQQU has been trying hard to get featured in major fashion and lifestyle magazines in the UK, which is great to see. You can read my personal thoughts about SUQQU as well as my reviews on SUQQU’s Powder Foundation Glow and Sanzekan Eau de Toilette.

Like RMK, SUQQU’s counter in Selfridges is the only retail point outside Asia. (Again, please check Selfridges‘ Service Directory page if you are interested in purchasing their items by phone.)


(image from www.dhcuk.co.uk)

DHC is a very recent addition to the UK beauty scene and is currently available on DHC’s UK website. You can read about my thoughts on the brand in one of my recent posts.


Updated on February 25th, 2014:

DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil and Eyelash Tonic are available at Fenwick Bond Street in London (from February 13th, 2014). (information from DHC)



(Cate Blanchett for SK-II)
(image from www.sk2.co.uk)

Currently owned by Procter & Gamble, this luxury skincare and base makeup line has its roots in Kobe, Japan, and its brand image has always maintained an oriental feel.

SK-II is currently available in several major cities in England and Wales.

— Shiseido International

(Shiseido The Makeup fall 2007 collection)
(image from www.shiseido.co.uk)

The Shiseido lines available in the UK include Shiseido The Makeup, Shiseido The Skincare, Bio-Performance, Benefiance, Pureness, Future Solution, Shiseido Men, and a selection of body and fragrance products.

Shiseido International is currently available in London’s Harrods and Selfridges as well as various other department stores in the UK (apart from Northern Ireland). You can use the Store Locator on Shiseido’s UK website to find your nearest Shiseido counter. A selection of skincare products is also available on QVC UK.

— Kanebo International

(image from www.sensai-cosmetics.com)

Only Kanebo International’s Sensai line (skincare, bodycare, sun care, haircare, and makeup) is available in the UK. It is currently sold in Harrods and its on-line store (where you can also find Shiseido International and SK-II). I am not entirely certain if the line is available in other department stores in the UK. (Do please let me know if you have more information on this. Thank you!)

It is perhaps worth mentioning that Anna Sui was available in the UK for some time before it left several years ago. (It used to be seen in Selfridges and House of Fraser in London.) Also, very intriguingly, one of Kanebo’s makeup and skincare lines, Chic Choc, was very briefly available in the Boots store at Piccadilly Circus in London.

According to what has been happening in the UK in recent years, I suspect that there might be more Japanese brands coming to the UK. I am sure it will only happen very gradually, but I remain optimistic!


Updated on February 21st, 2011:

Japanese lifestyle brand Muji also carries basic skincare products in the UK. You can purchase them on-line as well as at Muji stores in the UK and concessions in Selfridges in London and Manchester (The Trafford Centre). (Have a look at the store locator here.)

See my review of Muji Cleansing Oil here.


Updated on August 25th, 2012:

Astalift is now available in the UK. (Read my review of Regenerating Night Cream.)


Updated on December 9th, 2013:

It seems that Muji stopped carrying skincare items in the UK. Only beauty accessories are available now.


Updated on January 22nd, 2014:

Some Anna Sui items are now available on www.asos.com. (Many thanks to Leila for bringing my attention to this!


Updated on March 1st, 2016:

Some Muji skincare products are available in the UK again.


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Allysia-May Friday, February 1, 2008

WOW! I’ve been looking forward to this post for a while now. Thanks for the in-depth review. I’ll certainly be checking out SUQQU; especially their clear veil powder as it would work well on my dark skin. Thanks again.


Sue Friday, February 1, 2008

Thanks for such a comprehensive overview!


PJ Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hi Allysia-May,

Thank you for suggesting this post! (I was going to let you know that this post had been up.)

I hope it is of some help for you. Do please let me know if you have any question. Also, if you get to try products from SUQQU, let me know what you think as well! :)

Thank you again for suggesting this post and for posting your comment! :)


PJ Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hi Sue,

You are very welcome! Hope this post is of a bit of help for you. Do let me know if I have missed anything.

Thank you very much for posting your comment! Hope to hear from you again!


Anonymous Saturday, February 2, 2008

SUQQU sounds great and the look of their model very alluring. She’s wearing minimal makeup but still polished. Do you happen to know what she has on PJ? which foundation or powder, eyeshadow and lipstick? I’m stocking up when I go to Japan. so excited!!!!


PJ Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hello there,

I am sure you are excited! I am planning a trip to Japan, but it won’t happen anytime soon…

The image you mentioned is for SUQQU’s base makeup range launched in fall 2007. So indeed the model is not wearing a lot of colors on her face. Unfortunately the website doesn’t list the items used, but you can see the fall 2007 base makeup lineup here. I suppose the model is using items from this lineup.

Hope it helps a little bit!

Thank you for leaving your comment! :)


Chica Monday, February 4, 2008

What a fab post!
Thanks for all the info, I didn’t know you could get RMK over here!
x x x


PJ Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hi Chica,

Thank you for reading this post! I hope it is useful for you.

I think RMK has been available in the UK for about four years. It has been quite low-key in the UK market, but I think it is slowly and steadily getting more and more press attention here…

I hope it does well..because I want it to stay in the UK!

Thank you again for stopping by my blog! :)


Anonymous Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am from Orange county, westminster city 92683,CA. I am looking for Kanebo powder and foudation.Can you show me where i can buy those products…?


PJ Tuesday, July 13, 2010


You can try:


Adam Beauty is based in Hong Kong and Ichibankao is based in Japan. Both use PayPal and ship internationally. There are some other websites that carry Japanese cosmetics, but I have only shopped from these two sites and I have been happy with their services.

(For items not listed on Ichibankao, you can e-mail them and ask them if they can source the items for you.)

Hope it helps, and thank you very much for your question! :)


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